Random Vlog

I am in a funk...
Watch at your own risk...


  1. Stormy, I definitely feel you. My husband is the same way! Seriously they must be related, lol. Cooking only for himself is something my husband will do in a minute, and then try to rectify it. Like, no, it's too late now dude! But I haven't gotten wise enough yet to keep my mouth shut- I let him have it.

    I hope your Saturday gets better hon!!

  2. I love seeing people on their vlogs. And Angel is adorable.

    Hell, make him take you somewhere AWESOME for lunch. No McDonalds for you

  3. Angel is a doll. You really don't get five minutes to yourself, do you Mama? That husband of yours better get a grip!!! Well wishes, dear. Without good women, men and families crumble. Be strong. You need some pampering... Maybe one day!


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