Spring "CHICK" Challenge (SCC) Intro

So the 2nd of January is right around the corner. So I have been putting some thought into what my goals are for the challenge. I have to find a good balance. Making my goals challenging, meaningful, yet attainable.

Name: Stormy
Twitter: stormyvawn
Age: 40 
Location: Atlanta, GA, USA

I have a pair of embellished jeans that I found at Goodwill and feel in love with. Unfortunately I can't fit in them and breath, SO one of my goals is to be able to wear them without (1)having to lay down to zip them and (2) without muffin top. I will take a pic every 2 weeks.

Calorie Range  Minimum 1300 maximum 1750. Tracked on MyFitnessPal.
Focus Points Cook at home more. More fruits & veggies.
Water Minimum 64 oz a day. Optimum 96oz.

I want to keep up my exercise streak. Started on Nov. 28th, 2011.
I will add more minutes each week. 
I will get outta my comfort zone.
                         I will use the Wii---Biggest loser, Exerbeat, Just dance and wii fit plus games.
                         I will use my treadmill. 

Starting Weight: TBA
Target Challenge Weight Loss: 15#

PIC OF ME IN THE GOAL JEANS viewer beware. :-)


  1. I think your goals sound great & attainable:-).

  2. The jeans goal sounds great!

    I think I may try and find something worth slimming into!! :D

    This is a great challenge! Good luck!

  3. Good luck! You´r off to a good start!

  4. I think your goals are great, they are all possible - and that's key! :)

  5. Thanks for hosting this. I am teetering about joining. I didn't do so well at committing to my last challenge, but this one seems more up my ally, similary to Slimmer this Summer. I will let you know before the 1st if I am in!! I am thinking I need to do it!!

  6. Great goals. I have a goal to fit in to some jeans of mine.... great goal. Can't wait to see us all at the end of this.

  7. Thanks for hosting the challenge!
    Your goals seem great and I have total confidence you can meet them :) I look forward to supporting and being supported over the next little bit xx

    - Desperate Student

  8. Thanks for hosting the challenge. Love your goals. Look forward to celebrating with everyone at the end.

  9. Way to go! Through commitment, consistency, and encouragement you will find yourself easily zipping those jeans in no time!

  10. Awesome goals, Stormy! You're.going to do great.

  11. You go girl! We gonna do this!


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