Thoughts on parenting

Every child deserves two parents.So wait until you are in a committed relationship before you chose to procreate. If you have sex without protection you are choosing to procreate.

Do not have more children than you can afford. If you need public assistance, then you should not keep having more children.

Things you should teach your child.
1. full name
2. address
3. phone number
4. how to dial 911

Things parents should know about their child(ren)
1. grade
2. teacher
3. school hours
4. friends and their friends parents

Things parents should do
Toddler thru child hood
1. establish routine
2. enforce a reasonable bedtime
3. read to them daily
4. play with them outside daily , weather permitting

Elementary School Years
1. check book bag every night
2. help with homework
3. provide with necessary school supplies
4. make sure they get to school on time and are picked up on time as well


I am not a failure

I am not a failure just because I haven't lost this excess weight. . . . .yet.

Sad and beat

I had a good day work. But my home life had me stressed and pissed off. I have been dealing with my teenage daughter. It has worn me down. She has been lying, stealing money, all so she can buy lunch at school and eat junk food.

I really take my children's success and failure personally. I know in my heart that I can only do what I can do. They have to make choices for themselves. Their errosr do not hurt any less. Trust me on that.

So here I sit, hurt, pissed off, and on the verge of crying. I feel like if I had my weight under control she would follow my good example. I feel like a failure.

Its like an emotional roller coaster. I want to work out until the time to go to the gym comes around. Then I look for any excuse to not go.

I know there is nothing good that is going to come outta me beating myself up. I will eventually get my shit 2gther in the healthy department. It just didn't happen today.

Tomorrow is a new day and I welcome it.



I have been thinking lately about why I eat when I am not hungry. How do I change my behaviors and habits? I feel like I am unable to get through the 1st week of just ding the simple stuff the right way.

I know that I am not a failure as long as I keep trying. I would like to just be more successful.

I google things to do instead of eat and here is what I found so far.

[ ] Have sex.
[ ] Call or e-mail a supportive friend.
[ ] Go to the gym or for a jog.
[ ] Enjoy a long bath or shower.
[ ] Chew some sugarless gum or brush your teeth.
[ ] Play a game with your spouse, children or pet.
[ ] Tackle a household chore.
[ ] Go for a walk.
[ ] Make a grocery list of healthy foods for the coming week.
[ ] Walk out of the kitchen and give yourself a pat on the back.
[ ] Reorganize a closet or junk drawer.
[ ] Do the laundry.
[ ] Write in your diary about what you are feeling.
[ ] Turn on some music and dance.
[ ] Read a good book or magazine.
[ ] Take a 15-minute nap.
[ ] Drink a glass of water or other non-caloric beverage.
[ ] Work out with an exercise video.
[ ] Apply a facial mask.
[ ] Do a Sudoku puzzle.
[ ] Go on-line to find inspirational quotes to keep you motivated.
[ ] Find a saying to repeat when you feel like eating.
[ ] Make a chart and give yourself a star for not eating.
[ ] Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.
[ ] Go through your clothes and donate the ones you don’t want anymore to a local thrift store.
[ ] Play a game online.
[ ] Take a shower.
[ ] Create an new playlist.
[ ] Make a photo collage.
[ ] Add to your list of 100+ Things That Make Me Happy (or start one!)
[ ]See if you have anything you can give someone on Freecycle
[ ] Update blog.
[ ]Find inspirational quotes and jot them in vision book
[ ] Apply for AP jobs


ABCs of me

Age: 39
Bed size: Queen
Chore you hate: Cleaning ....
Dogs: Buddy
Essential start of your day: eating breakfast
Fave color: pink or black
Gold or silver: Silver
Height: 5'4"
Instruments I play: none
Job title:Wife, mother, friend, teacher, tv junk
Live: Atlanta
Mom’s name: Kathy
Nicknames: Mommy, honey
Overnight hospital stays: 4 for my c-sections
Pet peeve: Liars
Quote from a movie: "I want a cool rider.: Grease 2
Right or left handed: Right.
Siblings: 2 half sisters
Time you wake up: 5:15am weekdays
Underwear: soft & comfy
Veg you dislike: celery & okra
What makes you run late: Staying up to late the night before...or the babies
X-rays you have had done: ankle
Yummy food you make: meatloaf
Zoo Animal, favorite: gorillas

Borrowed from http://martiblogs.blogspot.com/


Really not in the mood

I am so tired at the moment. Not so much physically but mentally. I had been real good about getting things in order for the week so I, at least, have that in order.

But lately my teenage daughter is really pissing me off and I am trying to remain calm. She is lying and stealing little bits of money from me. She told me she needed money for a field trip but she actually pocketed 25 of that money for herself.

I do not like what I am seeing in her. She is on punishment until at least the end of the month. If she does not get it together, she is going to have her worst birthday ever. i refuse to go all out for someone who lies and disrespects me.

Lord help me to get through this.


Self monitoring

I have this really cool agenda/to do list book that I use daily. I created it in an attempt to monitor the stuff I want to be more consistent doing. It looks funny 2 some ppl but I am list person. This list is very helpful in my opinion. I am not as consistent on some things as I want to be.

Here are some areas I am focusing on & how I did on this for February 2011.
(Keep mind there are 28 days in the month)

  • Take my vitamins 11/28 (39%)
  • Moisturize my face 14/28 (50%)
  • Exercise 9/28 (32%)
  • Blog 4/28 (14%)
  • Active SP participation 14/28 (50%)
  • Read 4 pleasure 1/28 (3%)

So my goals for march in those same areas are:

  • Take my vitamins 75% 24 days
  • Moisturize my face 75% 24 days
  • Exercise 50% 16 days
  • Blog 30% 9 days
  • Active SP participation 75% 24 days
  • Read 4 pleasure 25% 8 days

Looking forward to a meaningful March!


still struggling...

I am strugglin, but it is nothin new. I have to find a way 2 get my life in order. I have to find balance. I want to want this healthy lifestyle more. Some days I just do not care. I just do not wanna put in the effort.

This cycle needs to be broken. I have been trying to read thru The Spark. I need to just finish it and get my booty in gear. I feel like I can't even get the 1st week right. It makes me feel like something is wrong with me. I know what I am going through is uncommon, but I want to be exceptional. I want to feel like I am living a full, rich life.

Tomorrow is a new day. I can and will do this....

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