Wrapping up 2012

This year has been a good year overall. I am half way done with my specialist degree program. I am not sure if that puts me loser to getting the administrative job that I wnt but I am hopeful that my time will come.

I am also 1/2 way thru the process of getting my gastric sleeve operation. This has really motivated me to start back to exercising and planning how I will manage the up coming months in terms of prepared for such  wonderful, yet drastic change. I am looking forward to getting back down to a healthier weight.

I have 3 weigh-ins, 1 EKG, and 1 lifestyle assessment to complete. I would love to get everything clear and have surgery in the spring. Dear hubby wants me to wait until the summer. We shall see. In reality, the insurance company is the biggest hurdle. I am off the 2nd week in April so that would be ideal, IMO.

This past week off has been awesome. I have relaxed....watched a dozen or so movies. I am even getting my lesson plans done. MY only real big house project that I have left is the bonus/play room. I know there is so much stuff to get rid of. I am dreading it. The other school/work project besides lessons plans are the patches for my students shirts. I need to suck it up and get them done also.

So here's to a productive and relaxing 2nd week on Holiday.

BTW--I am not making an NYE resolutions, but I am hoping to restart building some better habits....some weight related, some personal, educational, etc.  I will update on those at a later date.


Surgery thoughts....

I was just looking over my bariatric surgery paperwork. Kind of scary and exciting at the same time. I look forward to being at a healthy size again so I don't have as much body pain. Because even now there's so many day-to-day things that it hurts for me to do. My feet hurt all the time and I have worked out in a while I feel like my muscles are weak. Hubby agreed to go to the gym with me tomorrow I'll start slow and easy. I especially want to focus on slowly building my cardio but also incorporating weight training

I Have not really told anybody in my family about my choice to have the surgery. I dont want a bunch of judgment or to have to explain myself to anybody really. Only my husband really knows what i go through on a day to day basis with my weight. I have done three of the six weighs in, done my lab work and the sleep study. I need to get the EKG and released from psychiatrist Plus 3mire weigh ins. So the plan is probably first thing in the summer around the 1st week in June. I'd like to do it sooner but not sure if I want to miss too much time at work.

Well enough outta me for now.
Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas

I can't believe that its been over 2 months since I blogged. Life keeps pushing on. This is my first Christmas with just me, hubby, and our 2 young kids. My oldest son and his new bride are up in NYC. My 15yo daughter us with her dad in Fla. so it's peaceful and relaxing.

I am on pause with my weight loss. Truth be told....I am working towards getting weight loss surgery. I have about 4 months to go before I go through with it. Part of me feels like i am quitting or taking the easy route. Part of me knows this is a step in the direction of improved health and vitality. I am both nervous and excited.

So that's it on me for now.

Check out my cute kids with their baby cousin.


Ho Hum Hump Day

Glad this week is winding down. I am moving forward and workin on my attitude.

I am working on school stuff and work stuff. I am investin in my family.

MY next step is getting back to reading other blogs...

Baby steps...


Monday... You can't beat me.

LOL... I survived Monday. I was pushing through today. I made it. I got through my day. I was stuck in traffic for about 2 hours. But did I fall out when I got home.Nope. I picked up. I started dinner. I even ran an errand. It was a good day. My plan is to not beat myself up. I also need to pace myself. Set reasonable goals....

My goals for this week..

  • Spend 10-15 mins a day on laundry.
  • Spend a total of at least an hour on school work.
  • Keep my cool with my kids.
  • Figure out how to get my hubby to get with my program.
  • KNock off at least 1 thing from my major to do list every day.


Hanging on

This picture is an accurate representation of how I have been feeling for the past few weeks. Clinging and straining... unsure if how to find balance. I feel on edge and angry a lot. I have major mood swings and it is so unpleasant. I wish I could just create a plan or a system for myself and stick to it.

I am really blessed but feel more stressed than anything.

I can and will get through this.

Prayers are greatly needed and much welcome.

I haven't been exercising or eating too great and that isn't making things any better. I went for a consultation for the weight loss surgery. My insurance has qualified me and now I have to jump through some hoops and I may have the surgery in the summer...maybe sooner.

My current weight is 242... my heaviest ever... Even pregnant I wasn't this enormous. My body is definitely at its tipping point.... My right foot hurts every morning when I get up, I occasionally have this ankle pain in my left ankle. I am not sleeping worth a crap.

I miss blogging and I am going to come up with a plan and share it here. I do not get what I need in terms of support from my hubby and I have decided that I am no longer going to make that my excuse for not doing what I need to do. This is my life and I have to do what I need to do for me and the family. I will not longer take his approach for delay and procrastination.


School is in....

I started the summer wanting to lose 15#s. I did not achieve my goal. My weight went up. I am not surprised because I have done everything I could do to gain weight. I ate poorly. I slacked on exercise. I kept making time for nothing of purpose.

The summer was not a bust personally though. I passed my 2 classes with 2 As. I spent alot of time with my kids. Including my son getting married and moving him to NYC. 

I am back in the classroom and it is wearing me out. I know it will get easier, but life is taking its toll. I have to get back on balance. I have been discussing getting the lapband. Sometimes it makes me feel like a failure, but I have to do what I can to get this weight off. I will keep my readers posted.

By the way.... thanks JULIE for checking on me.


I love the first of the month and I hate the first of the month. I get excited with the idea of a fresh start. I get mad about what I coulda...shoulda ... Woulda done. Each thing makes me think about personal accountability. I ran my reports in spark people.. Good news: I upped my fitness mutes to 525.. Up over 150 more minutes from last month. I Los logged 10 miles of walking. Shorter than I want for myself overall but 5xs as much as I did in May. So all in all improving... Still so much growth needed.. My classes are kicking my butt. I have to be more deliberate in my day to day choices. I am still contemplating my biggest loser attempt. I have started to work on pieces for the video. I want to be healthy but not as much as I want to eat. Too many stressors...too many enablers.l too many options... Getting a but sleepy but will decide on my genial goals for the week tomorrow.


Off track outta excuses

My weight is still going up. I know why. Me and my choices. I totally own it all and need to Address why it is occurring.


Summer funk

I have been absent but this blog has been on my mind. This is the 3rd week of summer. School has been going well. The hardest part is finding a balance and not be lazy. My weight has been about the same. I have been turning to food for comfort and boredom and tats not a good thing. Oh well.... I gotta get rid of my blahs. Got lotsa pics


May Madness

Things have been super busy.
School year winding down. Family visiting. Youngest son PreK graduation. Mother's Day. I cannot believe that May is 1/2 way over. I hope I can slow down summer and enjoy it a bit. Despite all of the eating out my weight is steady at 232.

Mon- gym 30 mins cardio and biceps
Tue-4am walk with hubby
Thu--4am walk with hubby
Fri--gym 30 mins cardio and biceps
Sat--5k or gym
Sun--walk with family

Food Plan
Breakfast- Visalus Shake
Lunch - under 500 cal
Dinner under 600 cal


Habits Old -vs- New

One thing about getting healthy, in my opinion, that is most challenging is changing your habits. It is like changing who you are or at least changing who you think you are. Chnaging yourself for the better.... it isn't always easy that is for sure.
I do, however, think that change is inevitable. Therefore, the bigger question is what kind of change do you want to see in yourself...?


Did you miss me...?

I have been busy but not with fitness, but that is ok. Life happens and you work thru it. My oldest son just graduate from college.I  had my dad and my sister in town. Here are a few pics.

SO all in all I am in a great place. I got As in both of my classes and my next 2 classes start up June 5th. So this month is all about getting back on track and ready for the summer. I have signed MAya up for Summer Camp 1 week and also 2 weeks of dance camp.

I have to get a season pass fro the zoo as well as a pass for the local water park. I want the kids to have fond summer memories of doing stuff with me. I am so ready for summer break. I hope to do a few 5ks with my hubby as well.

I will write more later. So much 2 do...you little time.


Monthly Reflection

I finally stopped to check my numbers for the month of April .I know my weight is up...but where are my other numbers.....?

Check them out...

2012 Workout Plans & Goals
MonthMonthly Cardio MinutesWeekly goal minutesActual MinutesWalk/Jog Goal MilesWalk/Jog Actual Miles
Apr65017033525 13
 I will write more about this a bit later.


Now READY 4 Action... Was Missing in Action

I have let myself go. I was taking the easy route. I was hormonal and let that rule me. I have still been working out at a minimum for days a week. I haven't been drink gin my water or counting my calories like I should, but that change today.

I weighed in this a.m. at 233#.

I was not proud of it, but I own it. I ate it and it shows. I feel it. The opposite feeling of what I want to feel.

Here is my EXERCISE plan for this week...

Day Event Notes
Mon Treadmill 2.0 miles
Tue Treadmill 2.0 miles
Wed Treadmill
Thu Treadmill 2.0 miles
Fri Treadmill 2.0 miles
Sat Dirty Girl Run 3.1 miles
Sun Rest

Here is my FOOD plan for the week...
Breakfast-Visalus Shake (5 of 7 days)
Lunch-Visalus Shake (4 of 7 days)
Snacks-apples, bananas, strawberries
Dinner-4 of 7 home cooked

Here is my SCHOOL WORK plan for the week...
No school work for me until June 2012. Yay.

Some other things I plan on accomplishing...

  • ordering Summer Term books
  • ordering my moms ticket to sons graduation
  • puppy to groomer


My Other posts

Here are the links to my other posts that can be found at Real Chucks Getting Fit...

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Playing Catchup

So I survived the week after Spring bReak, but I must confess that I am tired. 2 nights this week I have feel asleep practically dressed. I overslept I day. and I haven't done much of anything with my hair. I plan on making next week run mush smoother. I am 2 assignments away from finishing up this semester. Only 5 more semesters to go.

It feels great to have less only plate for the next month of so. Next class doesn't start until June 4th. I am enjoying having my shakes. I want some more stuff to make new tastes, but they taste pretty sweet already which is awesome.

Hubby is outta town taking this major test so it is just me and the babies. He will be home after 5pm. I can make it and maybe even be protective.

Here are a few photos from our 3nights/4day vacationing Myrtle Beach.
Happy 5yr Anniversary

Beach Babies....sorta..

My heart is outside my body since I became a mom.

Our awesome suite....


Super 3 buried deep

Love at the beach.


Gone but not really...

I survived... actually had a blast on Spring Break but that is for another  post. :-)
I have been bust with my 30 days of health blogging over at Real Chicks Getting Fit.

Here are the links to the posts I have done this past week:

Sun.  April 1st  Health Time Capsule.  

Mon. April 2nd Quotation Inspiration

Tue.  April 3rdSuperpower Day

Fri.   April 6 Health haiku.

Did I mention that I sent Maya to Florida to visit her dad and that turned out to be a not so good thing...?
I am now keeping a blog of her 15th year and she knows about it. I told her that I would use it as a way for my to monitor her choices so when her 16th bday rolls around she the month before she starts acting all sweet I am ready for her with cold hard facts about her choices the othe 11months of the year before her bday.

The blog is titled MJW Year 15. Email me at bigbutttheory@gmail.com to request access to her blog.

The post about her trip is title Spring Break SSDD (same $hit Different Day). Please read and comment.



I have been absent a lot lately. I will not make excuses because I have just been living my life. I have been working out but I have not gotten my eating were it needs to be. I am not upset. I am ok with it. I have been under a great deal of stress and I am still working on achieving real balance in my life.

For example... MY youngest daughter is sick with an ear infection n one ear AND strep throat. So I will be outta work for 2 days to stay home and take care of her.

I am not dismayed... just distracted.
IT has taken me 2 days to publish his little post. Definitely going to work on my time management.


too busy but happy

I have been busy getting my exercise in a good place. I have my climb in 5 weeks and my next 5k in less than 2 weeks. Workouts in front of my TV just were not doing it for me anymore. In all honesty I think they made me a bit lazy and that is not who I am . I am string woman who is vibrant, active, and focused. I rejoined the gym about 2 weeks ago. It has been working pretty great for everyone. Interstingly the babies love going to the gym also. They complain if we don't go and whine when its time to leave.

That definitely makes working out so much easier.

Here are some pics from the new gym I go to...

Front area
Kiddie Area

 I can charge up my iPhone while I work out.

And watch TV. But I have to keep exercising if I want the sound to work.


here I am

It has been a crazy few weeks. I had fallen off the exercise bandwagon. I lost momentum and gave into the temptation and the easy route. The easy route does not yield the results that I want.

The family overall is doing well.  My 2 little ones are the easiet to deal with. y big issues that we are working on is stopping the whining & getting them to sleep in their own beds.  My teenage daughter is... well a teenager.

She is having a birthday coming up and has 2 focuses. One is what she wants to do for her birthday which  is typical for a a self absorbed teenager. her other thing is wishing she could lose a bunch of weight before her bday in 3 weeks. I am trying to be understanding about her whole world being about her. But where this whole weight loss thing is concerned. I have told her that she cannot do some quickie weight loss thing.  I suggested moving more, cutting out sugary drinks, and eating healthy meals. Then I reminded her that when you drop weight super fast that you can expect it come back on super fast when stop the extreme calorie reduction.  She nodded but I can tell she did not like my response.
 Friday matinee of the LORAX

This is how I spent this past Friday night. About 945pm we all passed out on the couches and no one woke up until 230am.

  I now have over 15000 pics in my iPhoto...

and I got BLOG-tacked by a dude name Shannon over at Fierce Fatties... I will blog about this later but I look forward to hearing you all opinion about it as fellow weight loser bloggers. I want to address his points one by one but I do not want to engage with him personally because I feel he is deceitful and dishonest and will twist my words into whatever he wants.

Any who... That is the gist of what is going on with me. I did not face the scale on Sunday but when I did face her today I was up to 226, but since I ate out al weekend. I was not surprised. I was accpeting it as my reality for the moment. I am not deterred as I will continue to make positive chnages for my health and keep exercising.

Nighty night for now...


Fitness Mantras...

i am out but not down... just bogged down with school work. I have so much to share an things have been super hectic. You ladies are on my  mind all the time....


Week 8

Camouflage Text Generator at TextSpace.net

This is my week of getting back on track and doing the things I know I need to do.
How did I do.....?

this weeks goals were....
  • Family--- 1 of 3
    • Exercise with daughter-completed on Sun 2/19, Mon 2/20
    • Exercise with hubby
    • Take babies to outside or park 2 times --Mon. 2/20 
  • Fitness---  # of 3
    • Continue exercise streak
    • Go with Black Girls Run or take a fitness class
    • Log 180 fitness minutes (10mins more than challenge average)
  • Food--- # 0f 3
    • Calorie average for week under 1600 (145cal less than challenge average)
    • homemade breakfast 3 of 5 weekdays -
      • Scrmbld Eggs & toast on Monday
      • PB & J on Thursday
    • 14 of 21 meals at home
  • Fun--- 2.5 of 3
    • Comment on lots blogs--SMW
    • Update FB BBT page status daily-SMTWRF
    • Watch a TV show with hubby that he likes--Watch The Librarian as well as Finding Bigfoot (Sun)
  • Future--- 4 of 4
    • Get Summer Schedule 2012 (if available)
    • Complete 6316 classwork
    • Complete 6320 classwork
    • Turn in all work on time

# at Home
Fitness Minutes
Exercise Type
Sun 2.19.12
Zumba 2 (Wii)
Mon 2.20.12
Just Dance
Tue 2.21.12
Ellip.10/Zumba 60
Wed 2.22..12
Thu 2.23.12
Cheer Game
Fri 2.24.12
Sat 2.25.12


Calorie average 1725 too high

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