Week 4 Review... Week 5 GOAL GETTER

January 23nd to January 29th, 2012

Monday-221# started the week 2# down. Great day. I think the amped up Cardio is making a difference. Walked for 30minutes with hubby with babies in the double stroller. Took motto her disability hearing and the lawyer did not have all of the documents so I spent all this cash for her vista for nothing. Ugh. So messed up.

Tuesday- I can't remember. Ugh. I need to do these updates at end of day. duh. 

Wednesday-I had a meeting at 730pm for work and it sucked up my whole night.

Thursday- Long day. 2 our after work commute. Mom still here. Ugh. I went to a weight loss competition meeting. I am torn whether or not I should do it. Thought my hubby and I would do it together, but it looks like I am on my own. Did my 60th workout in a row...walking in neighborhood with hubby minus kids.

Friday- TGIF. Work was pretty quite. Felt tired. Worked on school work for class. I look forward to meeting classmates so I know what I am in for where school is concerned. OMG--- stress central when i got home. My mom lost her ride home from the airport so I had to scramble to try to find her a ride. Never offing ends with her I swear. So glad she is going back to FLA.

Saturday- 1st class. Now the real fun begins. I will have to be more mindful of how I spend my time. Mom went back to Florida. YAY!!! Long day school from 8am-5pm. Ate junk food for every meal and I felt it as I had horrible stomach cramps. Exercise was hula hooping.

Sunday-Hubby let me sleep in.  Got lots stuff done. Schoolwork. Bedroom. Mini groceries. Blog stuff. Even went for a run/walk with hubby. Ended week at 220# Aww yea... on track with my one pound a week. Even packed

Missed the mark
Walk with hubby.
Exercise with Daughter

Continue exercise streak.
Only hooped once. 
Hula Hoop 2 days (mini challenge)
Cook 3 of 5 weekday dinners(MTR)

1 of 2 weekend dinner
Stressed from Mom. Exhausted after class (Sat). Hubby wouldn't cook.
Make February accountability chart.
Visit fellow bloggers.

I even started the March chart. :-)

My Week


avg 1665
#at Home

Fitness Minutes
Exercise Type
Mon 01.23.2012
Tue 01.24.2012
Just Dance 3
Just Dance 3
Thu 01.26.2012
Fri 01.27.2012
Wii Fit Plus
Sat 01.28.2012
Hula Hooping
Sun 01.29.2012

Upcoming weeks goals
    • Exercise with daughter
    • Exercise with hubby
    • Take babies to movie or park
    • Continue exercise streak
    • Go on run/walk with Black Girls Run
    • Take a fitness class
    • find yummy, fast breakfast meals
    • 14 of 21 meals at home
    • 3 fruits and veggies daily
    • stick to my meal plan
    • Comment on blogs
    • Update FB BBT page status
    • create school work calendar
    • 6316  spend 3hours on classwork
    • 6320 spend 3hours on classwork
    • submit all due work


    Weekly Wii Check In

    I got bored with the Biggest Loser Game, but i still like checking in with the WiiFit. I will update weekly.


    Wii Fit Weight

    Wii Fit Age

    February Comments---

    As part of the BIggest Loser Game that I am committed to doing for 12 weeks I weighin on Sunday and complete an elimination round. So I decided to record my weight and also do a weekly body test. With the body test I get my weight, BMI, and Wii Fit age.

    Biggest Loser Weight

    Wii Fit Weight

    Wii Fit Age

    Jan 8--- It was great to see the numbers going down. I even did a little bit better on the agility  test which made me feel really good.

    Jan 15-   I stunk at the 2 games plus my weight was only down 1/2 lb.

    Jan 27--Had forgotten that I was doing this. Was stressed and decided to do it on a friday night.


    Next step

    Today I completed my 60th workout in a row. I started on my 40th bday back on Nov. 28th. And although I have been logging the exercise time. My weight has not really gone down at the rate I would like. I attribute that to several factors..... but almost exclusively it is my diet. I eat out to much and ingest way to many processed foods. My diet is sorely lacking in a consistent consumption of fresh fruits and veggies.

    I want to move to the next level for February and the big question is how. Whats the next move..? I have the chance to join in a weight loss challenge. The entry fee is $150 but the prize is $1000 per person. However you have to be on a 3 person team.

    I thought my hubby would do it, but he is not feeling it. I do not have 2 other people that I know who can and will help me & support me. But then I ask myself... should I even go all gung-ho? If this is about making permanent lifestyle changes then maybe the gradual approach is best. The 1st month of the year being about continuing my workout streak. Now maybe I should add another important component to my lifestyle makeover.

    I do not know what I should do next. I want to really shape my healthier lifestyle into something to helps me lose weight, feel good, and make realistic changes in my health for the better.

    So sleepy.... Gotta ponder what to do next....


    Legacy - Part 1

    I was in church with and the term LEGACY to mind.


      [leg-uh-see]  Show IPA noun, plural -cies.
    Law a gift of property, especially personal property, asmoney, by willa bequest.
    anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestoror predecessor: the legacy of ancient Rome

    The term has come up a few times in the past few weeks between my husband and I. Because we are really trying to leave a better legacy for our children than what was left for us. Now do not get me wrong... when I say legacy I am not talking about money or property or stocks. I hope to be able to leave that also for my children one day but I am more addressing the term legacy from the standpoint of what I grew up in and with. 

    I grew up, my opinion, in an unfortunate manner and I lived through such much drama and dysfunction. I have spent much of my life trying to outshine and outlive the legacy/history that was placed before me. I was born into a situation with so much stacked against me and so much wrong around me. I know it sounds melodramatic yet it is true just the same. Anyone who knows me well, knows my story as I am an open book. I am not ashamed (not anymore at least) of my childhood because it was out of my control. I am also not ashamed of the choices I have made in my 20+ years of adulthood because they are a direct and indirect product of my past, its effect on me ( both consciously and unconsciously), and how I have chosen to live my life. 

    Here are some basics of my history...

    • I was born to a single, white female and married, black man and lived my childhood in a town that was not the most accepting of racial diversity at the time. I never felt like I quite fit in.
    • My mother was an insecure, selfish, and lonely woman who was desperate to find love from anyone and anywhere even at the expense of her safety, her dignity, or my expense. Some of the insanity I dealt with in terms of relationship were her dating/living with an alcoholic who beat her, and coke head who turned her onto to cocaine, a few years she even lived as a lesbian, then there were the countless men she brought home from night clubs. Not much can screw you up worse than waking up the and and hearing your moms crewing some random man in the middle of the night. Trust me I know.
    • My father was a self serving, absent figure from my life until I was 14/15 years old.  How is a young girl supposed to know how a man should treat her if she has no father. I spent my teens looking for love and acceptance from me because I always felt unworthy and unloved due tony fathers absence. He was too busy living his life from him to make time for me. I truly believe if I had had a real father in my life so much of the stuff I put myself through would have never occurred. 
    So in terms of a legacies I was shown a few things very early in life...
    1. its ok to have a sex before marriage
    2. its ok to sleep with a married man
    3. its ok to have a child out of wedlock with a married man
    4. its ok to not facilitate a relationship between my child and his/her father
    5. its ok to not require my child's father to financially support his child and let my child go without basic care
    6. its ok to expose my child to sex, drugs, and alcohol
    7. male approval matter above all else
    SOooo... if you are still reading you can tell I have some issues with how I was brought into this world and raised. I do, but I have forgiven both of my parents and still allow them in my life. I do, however, acknowledge that their choices have shaped my life in both bad and good ways. I have followed in their footsteps, unfortunately, in some ways. In other ways, I went to entire other direction. As I continue to grow older and a little bit wiser I become more and more conscious about how I want my children to grow up seeing, doing, feeling, and living life.

    I am now, more than ever, more deliberate in the choices I make in terms of what I will expose my children to.  I really could write on this all day, but I will stop here for now. 

    Just ask yourself.... 


    No Time to Workout...? R u sure...

    168 hours... that is how many hours are in a week. 
    How much can you spare for your health..?

    You cannot afford to miss working out.
    We all know about the benefits of daily exercise .
    So how can you MAKE time to exercise in your week.

    I made a workout time chart for the entire 2012. I want to exercise 10,000 or so minutes this year. This about 165hours... or a little bit more than 3 hours a week. To some that may sound like a lot but to others it is just a drop n bucket. I am starting January 2012 with a goal 500 minutes. Then each month after that I raise the bar by 50more minutes. My plan is to get to the end of the year with some real exercise time under my belt. 

    I know I will have obstacles and situations that arise, but I pray for the wisdom and support to be able to over come them. 

    Are you working out enough...? How much is enough.. well that is up to you. 
    The CDC recommendations vary based on your intensity level. 

    I know how busy so many of us are, but I also believe we have to make ourselves a priority. 
    So let's work together to help eliminate any excuses, barriers, etc. So that we can all give ourselves the gift of better health.

    If you need/want help with working out a schedule. Let me know... I would love to help in any way possible. Email me  at bigbutttheory (at) gmail (dot) com .


    Week 4 Plan

    I ran across this and felt it was very appropriate for ME.

    Week 4 already. Looking back on the past 3 weeks. I like the change I am seeing in myself and my attitude toward being healthy. This is not a fad. I have to recognize and accept that I will have to keep moderate eating and daily exercise as an outgoing part of my life. It about making the best life I can for myself and for my family. It is also to serve as an example instead of a warning. i want to make sure that my life matters. 

    With my mom here for the week and starting 2 classes... I am simplifying my goals. Only 2 per category.

    FAMILY: Exercise with my daughter. Walk with hubby.

    FITNESS: Continue exercise streak. Add Hula Hoop 2 days (mini challenge)

    FOOD: Cook 3 of 5 weekday dinners and 1 of 2 weekend dinners. 

    FUN: Make February acceptability chart. Visit fellow bloggers.

    I will do my best to stay up with every one and hope tat you all with keep me honest.

    SCC Week 3 in Review

    JANUARY 16TH - 23RD, 2012
    Monday-MLK Day 5k with hubby and babies. Time 55:28 .. I know. I know. Real crappy but it is a starting point.
    Tuesday-.Back to work. Decided I wanted to invest more of my workout time on the treadmill. I did 30mins including 5min. warm up then walking and jogging intervals. I hope to do the treadmill2-3 times a week.
    Wednesday- Work was good. Managed to achieved one of my goals. My daughter and I exercised with the wii via Just Dance 3. Yay 4 us.
    Thursday- So so work day. 2nd treadmill work out... It wore me out. I literally passed out in bed w/o even taking my clothes off. I guess I was more tired than I realized.
    Friday- Busy day at work. Nice evening with kids and hubby. Worked on blog stuffed. Picked up house a little preparing for my moms visit. Our relationship has been tenuous and I working to deal with her and everything she gets herself into. Still on my exercise streak... Just Dance 3.
    Saturday- Lazy, rainy day. Missed Zumba and running. Enjoyed time spent with hubby and the babies. Mom arrived without incident. Spent evening with my mom and all 4 kids. 
    Sunday-Weird having my mom here. CHurch, then Golden Corral. I tracked everything and stayed within my calories. I managed to squeeze in 10minutes of exercise. My whole routine is off kilter. I have to figure out how to my workouts in and not annoy my mom. 




    Meals In



    Week 3 Goal Assessment Chart

    Missed the mark
    Exercise with daughter.(2xs)
    Pray about mom’s visit.
    Walk with hubby.
    Rainy days and bad weather was the major reason why the hubby and I didn’t walk.
    Maintained Fitness Streak.
    Began 5k Training (2xs)
    2 fitness classes attended
    Ran, poor planning, and my mom’s visit hindered this one. 
    Enjoyed the walk/jog 5k training.
    1 new recipe.
    Stayed with calorie range.
    Eat 2 weekday breakfast at home.
    Cook 5 of 7 meals at home. I actually cooked 4.

    No diet soda.

    Ate sweets every day.
    I really like my chicken biscuit.
    I cooked dinners at home others were more challenging due to my mom being here. 
    Only indulged on Sunday.
    Sweets are apparently irrestible to me. I am blamin my cycle which started on Saturday.
    Checked in on all bloggers. OMG very time consuming but enjoyable.
    Read my Running Magazine.

    Work on February activity chart.
    Don't really like the magazine cause I fee like I am so far from being a runner.
    No excuse on the chart just didn’t get around to it. I do have the theme for it in my mind.
    With this chart, I can easily see where the holes are in my boat. Now I need a plan of attack.  I am making progress but it could be better and more consistent if I make a few more changes.

    I will updated my week 4 goals.

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