6 January Super Foods

I read an article on Huffington Post.

It listed the 6 JanuarySuper Foods. It sparked my interest and thought I would share the 6 foods and my take on whether I will eat them.

1. Tangerines--Love em. Esp. the cuties.
2. Brussel Sprouts--can tolerate. Need more ways to cook them.
3. Grapefruit--Like them but juice the ruby red.
4. Sweet Potatoes--Like them just baked like fries
5. Leeks--never had them
6. Pomegranate--not sure if i like them also not sure if I know how to eat them.

Which fruits 4 U are a GO and which are a NO?


  1. I love tangerines and pomegranates! Grapefruit is too bitter so I can't get myself to eat them. I prefer pummelos which look like a grapefruit but taste like a mix between an orange & a grapefruit:-) I love brussel sprouts if they are fresh, frozen ones have this dirty taste to me... LOL!

  2. I love Pomegranate in like, drinks and stuff like that, I also wonder how to actually eat the fruit it self!

    I love Strawberry and banana's Umm Im kinda into the "Normal" Fruits.. Apples, Clementines lol

  3. Have you tried sweet potatoes as mashed potatoes with a little molly mcbutter to add taste? Thats my favorite way to have 'em. Thanks for sharing these goodies! xx

    - DS

  4. I love most fruits, in moderation. mangos and papaya not so much :p once my Mom said how papaya smells like poo, every time I see papaya I think of that ..... Lol

  5. I oven roast my Brussels sprouts with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Much nicer than boiling or steaming them.
    Leeks are awesome. Just like a mild onion, I use it in vegetable soups, stews and casseroles (awesome with both chicken and beef.

  6. Sprouts are good if they are baked with some oil I think!

  7. I love me some brussel sprouts! I also love clementines. Grape fruit is something I buy in juice form. I have never tried leeks, but this gives me a great veggie to try this year for one of my goals.

    Thanks for sharing the list!

  8. The only one you mention that I can't stand is the grapefruit. Too sour. Or tart. Or something. But the rest? Heck yes!

  9. Well, I can eat them all, but brussels sprouts have to be limited. I do love grapefruit, though. Weird.


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