Goals So So

So its Friday night... 4 day work week seemed extra long. I have been a total failure in terms of this week challenge and it has really made me think, I am disappointed in myself in that regard, but I just have to keep moving forward.  I have accomplished some on my others goals for this week and that feels really good.

Family--My daughter joined me on Just Dance 3. I am hoping to get myself, then her over to Black Girls Run once cheerleading is done.
Fitness---I am still on my fitness streak and I have started walk/jogging on my treadmill.

Another pic of me and the fan on the 5k on Monday.

Food---I cooked a new recipe that was a big hit. I have been staying within my calories. I have been diet soda free since Friday, Jan. 13th, 2012. I have cooked more meals than usual and I am eating at home more.
Turkey sausage & spinach stuffed shells.

---I have been checking in on the Spring Chick bloggers and I have to also get to the blogs I follow. But I am making progress.

I forgot to share my 10,000 minutes chart. Each box is worth 10minutes. Long way to go, but I know I can do it.


  1. That's awesome that you did a race with your family. You guys look so cute. Your children are beautiful, Stormy.

    It is great doing exercise with those you love. I went to the gym yesterday with my mum and we did Race For Life together a couple of years ago.

    Your pasta dish looks delish!


  2. Love the chart!!! I think anything visual like that can serve as motivation in itself, it'd be fun to watch it fill up! Dinner also looks super tasty, did you follow a recipe? It's definitely something I would try!

  3. I think it sounds like you had an all around successful week. Thats a really sweet picture from the 5k. You're doing awesome Stormy, keep at 'er :) xx

    - DS

  4. Doing great! Those shells sound awesome!

  5. Well overall it seems like you had a good week :) Proud of you keep it up :)

  6. Hmm... your Turkey sausage & spinach stuffed shells looks yummy!! Congrats on being soda free. Keep up the good work! :-)

  7. Love your graph, it will be full as you stick to it!

  8. Looks like you have good ideas on how to get back on and stay on track. You have been doing really well. I hope this week goes better for you.

  9. P.S.

    "I have accomplished some on my others goals for this week and that feels really good."

    Thats that self love thing you blogged about earlier! Keep that up :)


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