Love thyself

I have been thinking a quite a bit lately about self-love...self-care, and things of that sort. I find a great deal of pleasure in helping and supporting others, but struggle to do "right" for myself on a consistent basis. I really want to get to the bottom of why.

Until I do... I make the small changes I can & challenge myself to do better and be better.


  1. We are so quick to give our support to others. the forgive yourself one I am always working on, chill out is my inner mantra :)

  2. I think that's the best thing to do keep having small challenges for ourselves and we start to realize how much we love our self's, when I treat my body good and I know im doing things right I FEEL on top of the world with my self the moment i do anything to jeprodize that the "Self Love" vanishes!

  3. Small changes amount to big things in the end :)

  4. I really like this post Stormy. I think that you may have a decent NSV in the self love area. Look at it this way: you may not support yourself, you may not talk as nicely to yourself as you would others, but you've embarked on this journey to get fit. Wether it's for your kiddies or your husband or everyone else in your life, taking those steps to get healthy are beneficial for YOU! Make these efforts because you are such an awesome lady and YOU deserve it. I believe you do!! xx

    P.S. I noticed that you had a couple of posts on crossfit. I was wondering what you thought? I'm going to try and see if any of your older posts say anything though.

    - DS

  5. Maybe try reverse psychology - next time you're going to do something you struggling with ask yourself what you would tell someone that you support in the same situation.

  6. I'm glad what I said meant so much to you :) I hope that you feel as special as you are.

    As for crossfit, I always advocate it but I have to try and remember that I am very lucky, in that my gym and the trainers are extremely passionate about crossfit and making people fit and so my experience is a little different from some other gyms. I always get emails asking if I'm sore that are personalized, following up, which is nice. I can get that from blogland now, too, though! Anyways, wether you do crossfit or not you should know that I saw those pictures, and when you lift weights you look like a BAD mama jama! As intimidated as you may be, I bet everyone else is looking on thinking daaamn she's good! :D

  7. Why do we find it so hard? I do as well but really quite interesting. I Love what Erin said in trying reverse psychology.


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