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Today I completed my 60th workout in a row. I started on my 40th bday back on Nov. 28th. And although I have been logging the exercise time. My weight has not really gone down at the rate I would like. I attribute that to several factors..... but almost exclusively it is my diet. I eat out to much and ingest way to many processed foods. My diet is sorely lacking in a consistent consumption of fresh fruits and veggies.

I want to move to the next level for February and the big question is how. Whats the next move..? I have the chance to join in a weight loss challenge. The entry fee is $150 but the prize is $1000 per person. However you have to be on a 3 person team.

I thought my hubby would do it, but he is not feeling it. I do not have 2 other people that I know who can and will help me & support me. But then I ask myself... should I even go all gung-ho? If this is about making permanent lifestyle changes then maybe the gradual approach is best. The 1st month of the year being about continuing my workout streak. Now maybe I should add another important component to my lifestyle makeover.

I do not know what I should do next. I want to really shape my healthier lifestyle into something to helps me lose weight, feel good, and make realistic changes in my health for the better.

So sleepy.... Gotta ponder what to do next....


  1. Why would the challenge cost that much money? What will you be getting in return? Will they be teaching you ways to help yourself on this journey? Just curious :-) You are doing well and you have done 60 workouts in a row wohooooo you that is amazing.

  2. OMG love your attitude and thoughts about this and I agree with you... one step at a time. This journey is a marathon, not a race, so no sense in sprinting the first mile if you die out in the next 25.2 miles.

    I say if you do join the group, use it as motivation to stay focused but don't get discouraged if you can't keep up with the other competitors. This is YOUR journey! Do what you know will work for you. =)

  3. First of all you shouldn't look at it negativly, what you have achieved is amazing! You should be proud at that. Secondly, although your not happy with the way you've lost weight, think of how much healthier you are going to be having exercised that much? That's another amazing achievment... My thought would be that aswell as improving your diet how you want, make sure you do a different workout each day, and that you've increased the intensity since your birthday, otherwise your body will just be used to it.. But you feel proud no matter what!

  4. great job on the workouts! No magic advice on the healthy eating, except maybe veggies... I drink a lot of v8 juice and try and always have "just for one" veggie trays in the freezer for snacks.

  5. Hard decisions, hard decisions. I too have to take things a step at a time. I always start with getting the eating in control and then slowly adding in the exercise and then once I have those 2 things going consistently I look to see where I can improve them cause you know they always shape into more as you go on... if you stay on track that is:-) I guess for me, paying $150 is a little out of the question but it depends on what's invovled in the challenge and what I get out of it (other than the possible weight loss). That's me though, some people are motivated by the fact that they had to pay the $150 and can lose the weight, which is great... I wish that's all it took for me! I have put that, plus some, into signing up for various 5Ks through out the year and I'm hoping that is my motivation to stick to this journey for this year:-) I hope you find what will motivate you to kick your journey up a notch:-)

  6. 60 workouts is something to be very proud of. Keep it up, you're rocking this!

  7. I'm not sure I would have spent money to join in on a thing like that, but whatever works for you! If it can motivate, go for it!

  8. Wow 60 in a row is a great accomplishment congrats, I like doing challenges but 150 dollars to me is a bit much, What if somethings happens ? etc I guess I'm the type that kinda things of different things that could happen lol

  9. 60 workouts is amazing - good for you! As for your eating, that seems to be an every day battle for most of us.

    Good luck cutting out the processed foods, it's a tough one, but I know I feel way better when I eat more fresh foods!


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