I want to visit more parks this year.
Just one new park a month.
Living in Atlanta we have so many nice parks.

Here is my list:

  • Candler
  • Chastain
  • Freedom
  • Grant
  • John Howell
  • Lenix
  • Lullwater
  • McCoy
  • Murphy Candler
  • Olmsted Linea
  • Piedmont
  • Swift Cantrell
  • Trammel
I will update as I visit the parks.


  1. I often think about doing that too. Living in Florida we have some great parks as well. Thanks for the idea

  2. why was blogger saying that I wasnt already following you?! I know I was because you were one of the first blogs I followed months ago when i started blogging. Theres a conspiracy going on and its making me look like an asshat. My apologies <3


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