SCC Week 1 Goals

I love lists and charts. 

Here are my goals for the 1st week of the Spring "CHICK" Challenge...
Each 'focus area' has one thing that I am worried will be difficult. I have underlined that item.
Having been on vacation has given me a great deal of time to think and plan & I really wanna see a change in myself. I wanna be consistent and get good results..
  • Fitness
    • exercise 7 of 7 days 
    • minimum 15   min. daily
    • minimum 120 min. weekly
    • 1 group Fitness Workout
    • 3 Biggest Loser Workouts on the Wii
    • other workout include treadmill, exercise/netflixDVDS, Just Dance, etc.
  • Food
    • 96 oz water minimum 
    • Fresh fruits & veggies farmers market
    • XX/21 meals home cooked
    • stay under 1750 calories
    • track everything on MyFitnessPal (username: stormyvawn)
  • Family
    • Have a date night with hubby
    • Look up 5k to do with hubby & babies...
    • Take babies to park and/or movie
  • Other
    • Donate clothes, books, etc.
    • Fund raise for Climb Atlanta
    • Lose 1lb. 
    • Office clean out
    • Put away Christmas decorations
    • Respond to lotsa blogger


  1. I love how you included family goals. That's something I need to spend time working on myself. Good luck babe :)

  2. I love your family goals. definitely a must in keeping a balance in your life :) good luck with your goals, im sure you will do great!!

  3. Woooooow! Your list is killer! I am going to have to make a better one for myself to next week, I really love lists!

  4. Loving the goals Stormy! Your always so on point. Have a great week!

  5. I'm so glad you're hosting this challenge! I didn't post separately for weekly goals. Mostly because my overall goals have become a lifestyle and they don't change anymore and also because, if I break it down too small, it becomes a chore and not a goal. I'll work on figuring this out for the challenge in a way that doesn't sabotage me.

    Here we go! One day at a time!

  6. Great goals. Looks like I may need to up the anti ( an English expression)!

  7. Love your Goals, Love how you incorporate "Non Weight Loss" Goals as well, Something I might try to do next week :) I really awnt to try "Just dance" Or something like that, Iv heard they are a lot of fun and a great work out, Just not sure if i'd enjoy them as much as other since I cant recall the last time i ever even danced,I want to I just dont no how lol

  8. Hey lady bug! Love your goals, and especially love your focus on ALL areas of your life. I LOVE lists, too, so we have that in common. You're such an inspiration, and I'm glad we can do this together too! I've been reflecting on family a lot the past few days and realize how much I really want a closer relationship with you, Sis. I miss you lots, and together we're going to knock this challenge out of the park!

  9. Love the "other" part!!! So many great ideas thanks for sharing!!

  10. I know a left a comment to this post, I am certain I did....

    I love how you included family goals and other aspects as well. Something I need to do as well.

  11. I love your goals. Totally doable and inspirational. Good luck this week honey can't wait to see your progress

  12. Great goals, thanks for heading up the challenge!

  13. Wanted to thank you for getting this challenge up and running. There is a lot of work in doing them and you are doing a fantastic job!
    Love your goals for this week!
    I think we are all going to do great!

  14. Those are great goals-I'll have to expand on mine next week!

  15. Great goals :) I am going to take the kiddies to the park one day too, I'm sure running around after them for half hour is great exercise! Thanks for inspiring me x

  16. Sounds like a lot of great ideas. Good luck this week.


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