SCC Week 1 in Review

January 2nd to January 8th, 2012

Monday-Last day home with hubby. Ran errands.  Test drove what I thought was my dream car but the car was ok and I have too upside down o make the trade in worth it. IT'S ALL GOOD THOUGH.

Tuesday-Got some new Wii games in the mail. UFC Personal Trainer and New U Mind Body: Yoga and Pilates Workout. Tried both and they were really good. I am working on a review of each to share.

Wednesday-Another cold day. Stayed in the house. Had dinner with hubby, had to bring the babies but it was still a great date night in my opinion. Workout: Biggest Loser. Registered for 3 different 5k events one in January, one in February, and one in March. So now I have at least one structure physical event a month for the 1st four months of the year.

Thursday- Follow up Dr. appointment. I have to get some shots for my grad school immunization. I also hope to have the scale show a loss since my last visit on my birthday. I was 7lbs down since 11/28 visit. I have to return to get additional shots as my last shots weren't 30 days ago.

Friday-Picked up oldest daughter for airport.  I have to get her more interested in health and fitness. Eating was a bust. Not one home cooked meal. I felt it by the end of the day. Even my workout was lackluster. Think I may need new brakes. Ugh.

Saturday-Zumba was good. It was an abbreviated class as she is sponsoring a weight loss and a fitness challenge. Its its $10 to  join and thew winner takes all. Judge by highest percentage of weight loss. Hey I figured what the heck. I might as well go for it. Got great news in my email about a possible job opportunity for next school year. Super excited about this. More news to come when I get farther in .

Sunday-Church. Wendy's ( I know bad). Walmart. Home. Great day.

Exercise Breakdown
Goal: 120 minutes       Actual: 150 minutes
Days: 7 of 7


Wii   BL
Wii   BL
Wii Fit +

  • Fitness 5 of 6
    • exercise 7 of 7 days 
    • minimum 15   min. daily
    • minimum 120 min. weekly
    • 1 group Fitness Workout
    • 3 Biggest Loser Workouts on the Wii---
    • other workout include treadmill, exercise/netflixDVDS, Just Dance, etc

Starting weight: 224.4

Ending week 1 weight: 224.4#

I found this and thought it was very appropriate and thought provoking.

Goal Breakdown---how it all shook out!
    • .
  • Food  2 of 5
    • 96 oz water minimum 
    • Fresh fruits & veggies farmers market
    • XX/21 meals home cooked
    • stay under 1750 calories
    • track everything on MyFitnessPal (username: stormyvawn)
  • Family 2 of 3
    • Have a date night with hubby
    • Look up 5k to do with hubby & babies... Signed up for 3
    • Take babies to park and/or movie 
  • Other 5 of 6
    • Donate clothes, books, etc.
    • Fund raise for Climb Atlanta
    • Lose 1lb.    BIG FAT FAIL!
    • Office clean out
    • Put away Christmas decorations
    • Respond to lotsa bloggers


    1. I love how you write EVERYTHING down... that's nice accountability right there. And I LOVE Zumba!!! Have you tried the Zumba wii game???

      ~*~ B ~*~

    2. Sounds like you overall had a good week!! good luck for week 2!!

    3. So you know they say that it takes 2 days for a bad eating session to show on the scale and if you ate bad on Friday and weighed in on Monday - if there was a lot of salt involved, you won't show much of a loss. Bet it was lower today though?
      Hope you have a fantastic week!

    4. i like how you broke your week down into mini daily updates.. im far too long winded for that lol love that youre already registered for three 5K events! Awesomeness <3 Hope week two is going well for you!

    5. Yeah! you joined your challenge. I joined mine too! I hope to blog about it soon! Hope this week is going awesome for you!


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