SCC Week 2 Goals

I started this week the same weight as I was last week. It is better than gaining, but it is not what I want for myself. so here are my goals. I will add commentary to why I choose them. 

Goals for Week 2
  • Food: I really need to make a better effort to address the hold food has on me. I have started the non-dominant hand thing at dinner & I like how it forces me to eat slower. Now if I can eat at home more I will be set.
    • 14/21 meals homecooked--challenge as I have to leave the house at 6am and getting up so early makes this challenging. In addition, hubby loves to eat out & is unapologetic about it. 
    • 96 oz of water daily:Pretty easy. Probably wouldn't hurt me to water down my crystal lite but its better than a bunch of sugary drinks.
    • eat 1 fresh fruit or veggie a day:Need to get to the farmers market but gonna have to make due with what I can get from Wal-mart.
    • stay within calorie range:I also need to be sure that I over estimate as I think I have been coin a bit of under estimating.
    • track everything I eat: No prob!
  • Fitness--> I realized that it is very important for me to have more flexibility in my workouts. Because if I am not in the mood to do my  pre-determined workout I just do to put in the effort that I should.
    • 1 Group Activity: Probably Zumba.
    • 7 of 7 days-No problem
    • Biggest Loser on Wii 2 days-Only if I feel like it. NOt as fun as some of the other fitness mediums I have at my dispose.
    • workout time 20 min minimum daily:I had a more gradual plan in place but the scale not moving as me reconsidering. I will se how the next few  weeks go.
  • Family
    • exercise with daughter:We are less than 10# apart in weight and it is partially my fault. So I am going to make a concerted effort to involve her more. She has started tracking on My fitness pal. I really want this for both of us.
    • park/movie with babies: Just need the weather to cooperate.
    • walk with hubby: Gotta get ready for our 1st family 5k on MLK Day
  • Other--> being organized is a struggle but I will continue to work on this. 
    • playroom purge: see photo below
    • support fellow bloggers: easy
    • work on Grad school: also need to call and inquire about one of my classes


  1. I don't eat out a lot. That would really make it harder for me. I work long hours so I actually eat dinner at work before I leave.

    My daughter is the one that pushed me to eat healthier, we have Mom/daughter cooking days now :) we both enjoy it :)

    Crystal Light is awesome!!!!

  2. I had an eating disorder when I was younger and I think people that have never had to deal with an obsession or addiction to food don't really and can't really understand how difficult it can be to have a negative relationship with something that you have to deal with every single day. One of the methods I used to deal with my problems was to stop every time I was going to binge and physically write down what triggered me. That stopped the binge and then I had a new goal, to deal with the real problem. It doesn't sound like you've been bingeing so this may not be helpful at all - but I just wanted to share, just in case. Best wishes xx

    - DS

  3. Great goals for the week good luck in week 2!!!

  4. Trying not to eat out is the toughest thing, because it always tastes so GOOD, but the calories seem to sky rocket...

  5. Good luck on your goals this week-the playroom purge will double as exercise at least!

  6. Good luck with your goals this week-at least the playroom purge will double as exercise!

  7. Doing it together with your daughter is massive, I really wish my mom had initiated something with me when I was growing up!

  8. Great goals, good luck for this week.

  9. With the exception of Subways, I avoid eating out like the plague!

    It's just impossible to judge portion sizes, fat/oil content etc.

    Plus it's never as good as what I can make at home. Plus the salads are never big enough!

    I'm glad to see that my playroom isn't the only one that looks a mess too :-)

  10. Wow. My head is spinning from all your 'busy'! And I am that much more impressed that you are trying to fit healthier into it! It can't be easy- but you are doing it! Awesome!


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