Week 4 Plan

I ran across this and felt it was very appropriate for ME.

Week 4 already. Looking back on the past 3 weeks. I like the change I am seeing in myself and my attitude toward being healthy. This is not a fad. I have to recognize and accept that I will have to keep moderate eating and daily exercise as an outgoing part of my life. It about making the best life I can for myself and for my family. It is also to serve as an example instead of a warning. i want to make sure that my life matters. 

With my mom here for the week and starting 2 classes... I am simplifying my goals. Only 2 per category.

FAMILY: Exercise with my daughter. Walk with hubby.

FITNESS: Continue exercise streak. Add Hula Hoop 2 days (mini challenge)

FOOD: Cook 3 of 5 weekday dinners and 1 of 2 weekend dinners. 

FUN: Make February acceptability chart. Visit fellow bloggers.

I will do my best to stay up with every one and hope tat you all with keep me honest.


  1. Sound like some good Goals this week, I Agree this is a lifestyle, This is not a fad this is something i need to continue in my life :) going on about 4 months now and It's definitely becoming Or (already is Apart of my life now)

  2. You've been doing a great job keeping up with everyone's blogs! Good luck this week :)

  3. Those are really nice motivational pictures you posted. I like your acknowledgement of the necessity of a lifestyle change and your reasons. I hope your week is going really well! xx

  4. You have some good goals set. I love to hear that this is not a fad. I like to think of this as a life-long journey. It certainly helps take some of the stress and pressure to make everything happen right now.

  5. You have some great goals added to family time, that is excellent. Home cooked meals are the best but it is sure nice to do the easy or go out too. Keep up the wise choices.
    Take care this week and God Bless!!

  6. Hope you have a great week! Just wanted to let you know how encouraging it is to have you taking the time to comment on all the blogs. I end up feeling too shy to comment, which is so stupid, but it's been lovely to have the support.

    Love the quotes as well! x


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