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I got the Wii as a gift from my hubby two years ago. I have used it off and on mainly for the fitness games that you can play on it.

I have played some I thought were really crappy and some I like a great deal.   Here is my opinion of the games I have played for fitness so far. I will list in order from most favorite to least favorite.

Exerbeat-Super fun. You earn miles to travel around the world  by dancing, boxercising, karate, and stretching. Dance styles include Aerobics, Hip Hop, and Salsa. You start with simple, short routine and work your way up. 

Just Dance-Another fun one. You can dance alone or with a few friends. Songs are varied by genre and difficulty. With JD 2 & JD3 you can download songs from the store. 
Check out the video from a previous post.

UFC Personal Trainer- I just got this one.

Zumba- I like this one. It is Zumba but done at home at your own pace. You start out with shorter, more basic routines and work your way up. I recommend. 
Biggest Loser-another must try. I like having Jillian or Bob. I wish the routines had a bit more variety, but maybe I need to give them more time work. I like that is has 3 levels and various lengths for your program. 

U Mind Yoga & Pilates-Well put together. Not for me quite yet. I am unable to do the most basic moves. I will definitely get it again when I lose a bit more weight.

My Fitness Coach-My Least favorite. I did no tike the format. I was unable to modify my fitness path. The music was average.


  1. Love this! Thanks for the reviews. I really want to try the UFC game + the dance games! Hope you're having a good weekend so far xx

    - DS

  2. I've just bought Zumba Fitness. Went on it last night for the first time. Really loved it. I want just dance and biggest loser but i don't have a balance board. x

  3. I love Just Dance and I want to get Zumba!!


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