You have temptation... I mean email

I have to unsubscribe from some emails.
I got this in my inbox today.

Temptation in my inbox.


  1. LOL, I just got one for some Red Lobster deal. I have to stay faaaaaar away from that place the biscuits are too good - no portion control there.


  2. I read most of the blogs I follow via email on my phone because I get notified where ever I am. I thought for a sec you actually sent us all a coupon. Lol

    Cool stuff. The trainer one does seem interesting!

  3. You know, this could be worse. Ruby Tuesday's is actually my standard go-to restaurant when eating out because they have their salad bar AND they have a few really good options on the menu that are still low cal. For instance, I almost always get their bbq grilled chicken with a vegetable and their mashed potatoes...I leave the mashed potatoes for last because I'm full by that point and I only need a forkful or two and then I'm satisfied.


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