Family Fitness

We attempted another park with very limited success. I used my same random method and it did not work out great. We did walk however and that is the most important part. The babies were bummed because their was no playground.

Check out my pics....

Another lil video blip for your enjoyment.

I will talk about this week when I have had time to process it.


  1. Hey buddy, looks like you all got a good walk in so I wouldn't call the park 100% useless!!! Nonetheless, hope you have better success with the next park!!

  2. I love that you are checking out all the parks. I hope the kids don't get to discouraged. The family time just getting there and back is the best anyway. :)

  3. Anything out in the sunshine is a great thing! Yay for involving the whole family!! :)

  4. Way to go!! Looks like another great family workout!! What a great team!! :-)

  5. I love that you get your entire family involved. My boyfriend and I work completely different schedules so I always end up working out on my own... and if it's me holding myself accountable... sometimes it doesn't happen.

    Happy for you!

  6. Looking forward to hearing your update!


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