Forgot the share...

Week 4 we had a new exercise and I forgot to share how silly I looked hula hooping.

Man I need a better bra...

here's the video....

Try to keep your laughter to a minimum....

I have, however, added this to my repertoire. Its a fun way to exercise on my low cardio days...


  1. That does look fun and I've actually heard some good results from it. Rock it!!

  2. That looks super fun! I tried a hoola hoop yoga class about a month ago and it was a blast :)

  3. I didn't laugh, you did a great job!

  4. Great job! I can't hoop for the life of me (weird cause as a kid I could all day long) but hooping is something I always wanted to get in to... for my light cardio days too.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. I've been doing the hula hoop game on Wii Fit, you know you do the motions without a actual hula hoop. Try doing that without looking silly. lol


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