My Week Ahead

I forgot to even post my goals for week 6.
They pretty similar to last week.

     ~Exercise with daughter
     ~Walk with hubby

     ~5k under 50mins.

     ~Continue on exercise streak
     ~Start walk/run intervals

     ~14 of 21 meals home cooked

     ~Eat 2 of 5 breakfasts at home
     ~Cook dinner Mon-Thur.

     ~BBT blog update: Goal Jeans
  ~BBT blog update: Park Visit
     ~finish matching up blog buddies
     ~Look into Flirty Fitness
     ~visit lots blogs

I have decided to change my weigh in/check inlay to Sunday. I get to weigh in a little later and a lot less stressed.


  1. I love hearing about your exercise streak, I think thats really impressive. You have some great goals, esp. flirty fitness that sounds like a BLAST! xx

  2. Good attainable Goals. Definitely what I like to hear!


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