Realizations and Modifications

Well another crappy weigh in. Guess who is to blame..? My spouse...? No. My kids....? No. My schedule...? No. My job...? No. 

It was me. I ate the food. I logged the less than stellar work outs. I have to results or lack there of on my person.
 All i can do is make changes and do better next week.  So I am examining the things I did and where I want to improve.

Here are my failures or things I have to improve on 1st and foremost.

----> Eating out.
----> Workout intensity.
----> Calorie intake too high.

So I will work on these this week and make my numbers way more better than the week before.

Upcoming weeks goals
  • Family---
    • Exercise with daughter
    • Exercise with hubby
    • Take babies to outback or park 2 times
  • Fitness--- 
    • Continue exercise streak
    • Go with Black Girls Run or take a fitness class
    • Log 180 fitness minutes (10mins more than challenge average)
  • Food---
    • Calorie average for week under 1600 (145cal less than challenge average)
    • homemade breakfast 3 of 5 weekdays
    • 14 of 21 meals at home
  • Fun---
    • Comment on lots blogs
    • Update FB BBT page status daily
    • Watch a TV show with hubby that he likes
  • Future---
    • get Summer 2012 schedule (if available)
    • complete all 6316 classwork
    • complete all 6320 classwork
    • submit all due work on time

This week was not a total failure. Far from it... I did 45 minutes of exercise, on my own, on Saturday. I waked and practice for my CLIMB. I logged a total of 15 laps up and down at the local high school football stadium.  I warmed up with a lap around the track. Then I sis my "stair work". The 1st 10 laps I would go up , then down , then across ( like for a recovery), then on lap #2 I would go up and down, then across twice, and then on lap#3 I would go up and down then across 3 times... and I did that for for the 1st 10 laps. Then laps 11-15 where just up and down with a little, but much needed breather in between. I cooled down with another lap around the track.

The bleachers of pain.

About 5 laps in....

 Below... Video of my thoughts about my workout...

Lazy parents sitting around while their kids train....

I have my iPhone calling by my PSEUDONAME


  1. Can I join your pity party this week, my weight in wasn't so good either. You have the next week all in focus and I know it will be a great week. :)

  2. Sorry your week was tough, we all have those moments, what matters is what you do about it. Good to see you have made the right choice to get back on track and kick butt. Way to go girl.

  3. Stick with it, even though you didn't get the results you wanted you still the a great job. You'll see your results next time!

  4. It sounds like you have realised where you went wrong and how to improve this week and I think admitting where we've gone wrong and doing something about it can be half the battle. xx

  5. Eating out is hard for me too and realising where we fall is the biggest way to pick ourselves back up. Let's make this week rock!

  6. I don't like the word "failure" so glad you call them "things to improve".

    We all go through days - weeks even - like this but it's how we treat the next day that makes us successful. Don't dwell on the what we could have or should have done because we can't change that. Your plan for next several weeks look good... keep going, girl

  7. I get tired thinking about all that exercise. I guess I'd be sitting there with the lazy parents, but I would tell everyone of the to watch that chubby chick because next year at this time you won't hardly recognize her! Way to drive it!

  8. Oh you're so right, far from a failure this week! Keep the positive thoughts!! And way to go on all of that bleacher work, I would surely fall down on my face and seriously hurt myself, you're doing GREAT!


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