Torn Between 2 Websites

I have been using My Fitness Pal for awhile. I used to use SparkPeople. It stopped using SP because I was more focused on my points than my weight loss. But with me deciding to exercise every day of my 40th year... I realized that wanted to know my minutes as well. MFP just does not have as much resources as SP. So I may check in on MFp but slowly migrate back to SP. I am not sure, but we shall see where I will take it form here.

I am not doing great in the eating department and I just got my cycle so I am not fun to be around.

I am scatter brained and will figured this out this weekend.
What are your thoughts...../


  1. Not to further complicate the issue, but I think My Plate (on livestrong.com, not the new food pyramid thinger) is the best option. For me, anyway, I feel like it's pretty good with both calorie/weight tracking and fitness tracking... Maybe that will help, if not, feel free to ignore, lol.

  2. I'm am hopelessly addicted to MFP. What kind of resources does spark people have?

  3. I'v only ever used My Fitness.. But Have a Sparks account but never logged anything.. Was more or less because somebody told me to join!! I like the Look of My Fitness better imo!

  4. I will add another in the mix for you My Plate at LiveStrong.com

    That is the one I use. but my bff just joined My fitness Pal, so I did too. I have only been using it for less then a day so I have some adjusting to get use to, but so far I find the first one easier to use.

  5. Add me on myfitnesspal? emmy2468. Would be good to see what you eat compared to me etc?

    I realised that I was sticking to my older calorie counter for the sake of it... it can boring or become inappropriate for your needs.

    I say move when you want..anytime! :D

  6. I haven't tried either of them, so I'm afraid I can't be of much help here! Good luck in choosing. :)

  7. If you are looking to record walks or running, I found a great app which I love. I record all my hikes and walking..
    I mention it on this page.

    The company also has one for running too.

  8. I know alot of people at the minute are torn between their tracking websites - you just have to do whatever feels best for you - or use one for food and one for exercise?

  9. Just wanted to let you know that you won the book, A Cluttered Life! I'll email you and you can give me your address. I forgot to put it on my post today so I will have to announce it officially on Monday! Congrats!

  10. Hola Chica, I totally want to put one of these apps on my phone I just keep forgetting ... glad this post reminded me .... whew thanks!!!



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