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It has been a crazy few weeks. I had fallen off the exercise bandwagon. I lost momentum and gave into the temptation and the easy route. The easy route does not yield the results that I want.

The family overall is doing well.  My 2 little ones are the easiet to deal with. y big issues that we are working on is stopping the whining & getting them to sleep in their own beds.  My teenage daughter is... well a teenager.

She is having a birthday coming up and has 2 focuses. One is what she wants to do for her birthday which  is typical for a a self absorbed teenager. her other thing is wishing she could lose a bunch of weight before her bday in 3 weeks. I am trying to be understanding about her whole world being about her. But where this whole weight loss thing is concerned. I have told her that she cannot do some quickie weight loss thing.  I suggested moving more, cutting out sugary drinks, and eating healthy meals. Then I reminded her that when you drop weight super fast that you can expect it come back on super fast when stop the extreme calorie reduction.  She nodded but I can tell she did not like my response.
 Friday matinee of the LORAX

This is how I spent this past Friday night. About 945pm we all passed out on the couches and no one woke up until 230am.

  I now have over 15000 pics in my iPhoto...

and I got BLOG-tacked by a dude name Shannon over at Fierce Fatties... I will blog about this later but I look forward to hearing you all opinion about it as fellow weight loser bloggers. I want to address his points one by one but I do not want to engage with him personally because I feel he is deceitful and dishonest and will twist my words into whatever he wants.

Any who... That is the gist of what is going on with me. I did not face the scale on Sunday but when I did face her today I was up to 226, but since I ate out al weekend. I was not surprised. I was accpeting it as my reality for the moment. I am not deterred as I will continue to make positive chnages for my health and keep exercising.

Nighty night for now...


  1. I just read his piece. I have no words to respond to his post - he does a good job of trying to come across as non-judgemental.... except he's being very judgemental!

    Unless you walk a mile in someone's shoes, you don't get to judge. If he wants to be large, and be happy, great. If your goal is weight loss, great. We shouldn't judge him... and he shouldn't judge you.

    Sorry you've had to deal with this!

  2. Very interesting (Stormy Weather -by Fierce Fatties).


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