Now READY 4 Action... Was Missing in Action

I have let myself go. I was taking the easy route. I was hormonal and let that rule me. I have still been working out at a minimum for days a week. I haven't been drink gin my water or counting my calories like I should, but that change today.

I weighed in this a.m. at 233#.

I was not proud of it, but I own it. I ate it and it shows. I feel it. The opposite feeling of what I want to feel.

Here is my EXERCISE plan for this week...

Day Event Notes
Mon Treadmill 2.0 miles
Tue Treadmill 2.0 miles
Wed Treadmill
Thu Treadmill 2.0 miles
Fri Treadmill 2.0 miles
Sat Dirty Girl Run 3.1 miles
Sun Rest

Here is my FOOD plan for the week...
Breakfast-Visalus Shake (5 of 7 days)
Lunch-Visalus Shake (4 of 7 days)
Snacks-apples, bananas, strawberries
Dinner-4 of 7 home cooked

Here is my SCHOOL WORK plan for the week...
No school work for me until June 2012. Yay.

Some other things I plan on accomplishing...

  • ordering Summer Term books
  • ordering my moms ticket to sons graduation
  • puppy to groomer


My Other posts

Here are the links to my other posts that can be found at Real Chucks Getting Fit...

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Tuesday April 10 
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Wednesday April 11 
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Playing Catchup

So I survived the week after Spring bReak, but I must confess that I am tired. 2 nights this week I have feel asleep practically dressed. I overslept I day. and I haven't done much of anything with my hair. I plan on making next week run mush smoother. I am 2 assignments away from finishing up this semester. Only 5 more semesters to go.

It feels great to have less only plate for the next month of so. Next class doesn't start until June 4th. I am enjoying having my shakes. I want some more stuff to make new tastes, but they taste pretty sweet already which is awesome.

Hubby is outta town taking this major test so it is just me and the babies. He will be home after 5pm. I can make it and maybe even be protective.

Here are a few photos from our 3nights/4day vacationing Myrtle Beach.
Happy 5yr Anniversary

Beach Babies....sorta..

My heart is outside my body since I became a mom.

Our awesome suite....


Super 3 buried deep

Love at the beach.


Gone but not really...

I survived... actually had a blast on Spring Break but that is for another  post. :-)
I have been bust with my 30 days of health blogging over at Real Chicks Getting Fit.

Here are the links to the posts I have done this past week:

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Fri.   April 6 Health haiku.

Did I mention that I sent Maya to Florida to visit her dad and that turned out to be a not so good thing...?
I am now keeping a blog of her 15th year and she knows about it. I told her that I would use it as a way for my to monitor her choices so when her 16th bday rolls around she the month before she starts acting all sweet I am ready for her with cold hard facts about her choices the othe 11months of the year before her bday.

The blog is titled MJW Year 15. Email me at bigbutttheory@gmail.com to request access to her blog.

The post about her trip is title Spring Break SSDD (same $hit Different Day). Please read and comment.

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