Gone but not really...

I survived... actually had a blast on Spring Break but that is for another  post. :-)
I have been bust with my 30 days of health blogging over at Real Chicks Getting Fit.

Here are the links to the posts I have done this past week:

Sun.  April 1st  Health Time Capsule.  

Mon. April 2nd Quotation Inspiration

Tue.  April 3rdSuperpower Day

Fri.   April 6 Health haiku.

Did I mention that I sent Maya to Florida to visit her dad and that turned out to be a not so good thing...?
I am now keeping a blog of her 15th year and she knows about it. I told her that I would use it as a way for my to monitor her choices so when her 16th bday rolls around she the month before she starts acting all sweet I am ready for her with cold hard facts about her choices the othe 11months of the year before her bday.

The blog is titled MJW Year 15. Email me at bigbutttheory@gmail.com to request access to her blog.

The post about her trip is title Spring Break SSDD (same $hit Different Day). Please read and comment.


  1. Hey Stormy, I tried to read your Spring Break SSDD post but you must have an invitation to read it. How all is well!! :-)

  2. It doesn't sound like a good start to Maya's 15th year. :( btw, MJW Year 15 is a invite only blog :)


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