Playing Catchup

So I survived the week after Spring bReak, but I must confess that I am tired. 2 nights this week I have feel asleep practically dressed. I overslept I day. and I haven't done much of anything with my hair. I plan on making next week run mush smoother. I am 2 assignments away from finishing up this semester. Only 5 more semesters to go.

It feels great to have less only plate for the next month of so. Next class doesn't start until June 4th. I am enjoying having my shakes. I want some more stuff to make new tastes, but they taste pretty sweet already which is awesome.

Hubby is outta town taking this major test so it is just me and the babies. He will be home after 5pm. I can make it and maybe even be protective.

Here are a few photos from our 3nights/4day vacationing Myrtle Beach.
Happy 5yr Anniversary

Beach Babies....sorta..

My heart is outside my body since I became a mom.

Our awesome suite....


Super 3 buried deep

Love at the beach.


  1. Beautiful family! You look great and ever so happy!

  2. lovely!! It looks like you all had a blast!! :-)

  3. Beautiful family, Stormy! Myrtle Beach is a trip from ATL. I am curious what the GA beaches and peaches are all about. I am now going to surf the net. LOL. Enjoy your spring!


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