May Madness

Things have been super busy.
School year winding down. Family visiting. Youngest son PreK graduation. Mother's Day. I cannot believe that May is 1/2 way over. I hope I can slow down summer and enjoy it a bit. Despite all of the eating out my weight is steady at 232.

Mon- gym 30 mins cardio and biceps
Tue-4am walk with hubby
Thu--4am walk with hubby
Fri--gym 30 mins cardio and biceps
Sat--5k or gym
Sun--walk with family

Food Plan
Breakfast- Visalus Shake
Lunch - under 500 cal
Dinner under 600 cal


Habits Old -vs- New

One thing about getting healthy, in my opinion, that is most challenging is changing your habits. It is like changing who you are or at least changing who you think you are. Chnaging yourself for the better.... it isn't always easy that is for sure.
I do, however, think that change is inevitable. Therefore, the bigger question is what kind of change do you want to see in yourself...?


Did you miss me...?

I have been busy but not with fitness, but that is ok. Life happens and you work thru it. My oldest son just graduate from college.I  had my dad and my sister in town. Here are a few pics.

SO all in all I am in a great place. I got As in both of my classes and my next 2 classes start up June 5th. So this month is all about getting back on track and ready for the summer. I have signed MAya up for Summer Camp 1 week and also 2 weeks of dance camp.

I have to get a season pass fro the zoo as well as a pass for the local water park. I want the kids to have fond summer memories of doing stuff with me. I am so ready for summer break. I hope to do a few 5ks with my hubby as well.

I will write more later. So much 2 do...you little time.


Monthly Reflection

I finally stopped to check my numbers for the month of April .I know my weight is up...but where are my other numbers.....?

Check them out...

2012 Workout Plans & Goals
MonthMonthly Cardio MinutesWeekly goal minutesActual MinutesWalk/Jog Goal MilesWalk/Jog Actual Miles
Apr65017033525 13
 I will write more about this a bit later.

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