Did you miss me...?

I have been busy but not with fitness, but that is ok. Life happens and you work thru it. My oldest son just graduate from college.I  had my dad and my sister in town. Here are a few pics.

SO all in all I am in a great place. I got As in both of my classes and my next 2 classes start up June 5th. So this month is all about getting back on track and ready for the summer. I have signed MAya up for Summer Camp 1 week and also 2 weeks of dance camp.

I have to get a season pass fro the zoo as well as a pass for the local water park. I want the kids to have fond summer memories of doing stuff with me. I am so ready for summer break. I hope to do a few 5ks with my hubby as well.

I will write more later. So much 2 do...you little time.


  1. What a handsome kid, you must be so proud. My daughter will graduate college in Dec. we are all so excited.

    Your summer already sounds like so much fun, zoo, water park.... have a great time!

  2. Wow you must be proud of him! And you sounds like you have an awesome summer lined up, just enjoy it!

  3. High school graduation? proud Mama and Papa :)


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