I love the first of the month and I hate the first of the month. I get excited with the idea of a fresh start. I get mad about what I coulda...shoulda ... Woulda done. Each thing makes me think about personal accountability. I ran my reports in spark people.. Good news: I upped my fitness mutes to 525.. Up over 150 more minutes from last month. I Los logged 10 miles of walking. Shorter than I want for myself overall but 5xs as much as I did in May. So all in all improving... Still so much growth needed.. My classes are kicking my butt. I have to be more deliberate in my day to day choices. I am still contemplating my biggest loser attempt. I have started to work on pieces for the video. I want to be healthy but not as much as I want to eat. Too many stressors...too many enablers.l too many options... Getting a but sleepy but will decide on my genial goals for the week tomorrow.

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