I love the first of the month and I hate the first of the month. I get excited with the idea of a fresh start. I get mad about what I coulda...shoulda ... Woulda done. Each thing makes me think about personal accountability. I ran my reports in spark people.. Good news: I upped my fitness mutes to 525.. Up over 150 more minutes from last month. I Los logged 10 miles of walking. Shorter than I want for myself overall but 5xs as much as I did in May. So all in all improving... Still so much growth needed.. My classes are kicking my butt. I have to be more deliberate in my day to day choices. I am still contemplating my biggest loser attempt. I have started to work on pieces for the video. I want to be healthy but not as much as I want to eat. Too many stressors...too many enablers.l too many options... Getting a but sleepy but will decide on my genial goals for the week tomorrow.


  1. It's a fresh start for me, KUDOS to you for thinking about going for it on the Biggest Loser!

  2. Yeah man..I was thinking of summer being my motivation, yet there is so much temptation and there is only one more month after this one.

    You have a happy 4th!

  3. Sound like you are doing good. Enjoyed reading your post and the thing about the first of the month, cute.

  4. I always plan way to much for the summer and just run out of time before I get even 50% of it done. I so love summer, wish it was longer.
    You can do this, you can get healthy and feel good. Keep trying.
    Take care and have a blessed evening!

  5. Oh where or where has my friend gone, or where or where can she be? Is she taking care of herself and being good to? Or where or where can she be?
    I hope all is well. Take care. Blessings!!!

  6. Just wanted to say hi and hope that all is well. Take care and have a blessed day!


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