School is in....

I started the summer wanting to lose 15#s. I did not achieve my goal. My weight went up. I am not surprised because I have done everything I could do to gain weight. I ate poorly. I slacked on exercise. I kept making time for nothing of purpose.

The summer was not a bust personally though. I passed my 2 classes with 2 As. I spent alot of time with my kids. Including my son getting married and moving him to NYC. 

I am back in the classroom and it is wearing me out. I know it will get easier, but life is taking its toll. I have to get back on balance. I have been discussing getting the lapband. Sometimes it makes me feel like a failure, but I have to do what I can to get this weight off. I will keep my readers posted.

By the way.... thanks JULIE for checking on me.


  1. Welcome back summers are hard for me too. I stay busy enough but with that busyness my choice of eating healthy goes down and I don't do as well. Great job on your classes and congrats to your son. :)

  2. It sounds as if you've been really busy! it can be really hard to lose weight, because unlike other goals (writing a paper) you have to make it a priority 24/7. I've just started blogging as a way of keeping myself on track (http://theshrinkingphilosopher.blogspot.com.au). Do you find blogging helps you?

    and congratulations on your son's marriage!


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