Wrapping up 2012

This year has been a good year overall. I am half way done with my specialist degree program. I am not sure if that puts me loser to getting the administrative job that I wnt but I am hopeful that my time will come.

I am also 1/2 way thru the process of getting my gastric sleeve operation. This has really motivated me to start back to exercising and planning how I will manage the up coming months in terms of prepared for such  wonderful, yet drastic change. I am looking forward to getting back down to a healthier weight.

I have 3 weigh-ins, 1 EKG, and 1 lifestyle assessment to complete. I would love to get everything clear and have surgery in the spring. Dear hubby wants me to wait until the summer. We shall see. In reality, the insurance company is the biggest hurdle. I am off the 2nd week in April so that would be ideal, IMO.

This past week off has been awesome. I have relaxed....watched a dozen or so movies. I am even getting my lesson plans done. MY only real big house project that I have left is the bonus/play room. I know there is so much stuff to get rid of. I am dreading it. The other school/work project besides lessons plans are the patches for my students shirts. I need to suck it up and get them done also.

So here's to a productive and relaxing 2nd week on Holiday.

BTW--I am not making an NYE resolutions, but I am hoping to restart building some better habits....some weight related, some personal, educational, etc.  I will update on those at a later date.


Surgery thoughts....

I was just looking over my bariatric surgery paperwork. Kind of scary and exciting at the same time. I look forward to being at a healthy size again so I don't have as much body pain. Because even now there's so many day-to-day things that it hurts for me to do. My feet hurt all the time and I have worked out in a while I feel like my muscles are weak. Hubby agreed to go to the gym with me tomorrow I'll start slow and easy. I especially want to focus on slowly building my cardio but also incorporating weight training

I Have not really told anybody in my family about my choice to have the surgery. I dont want a bunch of judgment or to have to explain myself to anybody really. Only my husband really knows what i go through on a day to day basis with my weight. I have done three of the six weighs in, done my lab work and the sleep study. I need to get the EKG and released from psychiatrist Plus 3mire weigh ins. So the plan is probably first thing in the summer around the 1st week in June. I'd like to do it sooner but not sure if I want to miss too much time at work.

Well enough outta me for now.
Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas

I can't believe that its been over 2 months since I blogged. Life keeps pushing on. This is my first Christmas with just me, hubby, and our 2 young kids. My oldest son and his new bride are up in NYC. My 15yo daughter us with her dad in Fla. so it's peaceful and relaxing.

I am on pause with my weight loss. Truth be told....I am working towards getting weight loss surgery. I have about 4 months to go before I go through with it. Part of me feels like i am quitting or taking the easy route. Part of me knows this is a step in the direction of improved health and vitality. I am both nervous and excited.

So that's it on me for now.

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