Re-Evaluating My Goals...

Being back at work and the pending grad school classes I am realizing I need to adjust my timeline on some goals as well as adjust my intensity on others.

Here are my goals for my 13 in 2013... I will comment on if I am keeping, modifying, or changing my focus/goals.

Ongoing Goals
  • Vertical Gastric Sleeve Surgery- I have 2 more weigh ins, an EKG, and psych eval ... then my paperwork gets
  • Educational Specialist Degree Completion-Classes start back Jan. 26th. Graduation is slatted for Dec. 2013.

  • become a "CrossFit" chick-- not starting this yet, but still wanna do this
  • increase physical activity and track it--started this and want to keep it.
  • plan meals weekly- working on this.
  • VGS prep (5 parts)-- This month I am working on drinking more water and crystal light.


  • dejunk my house- This a getting done and feels great.
  • create and follow household chore schedule--I do not like this goal

  • actively pursue career advancement-- this is ongoing. I have and will continue to check various district websites. I am also looking to revamp my resume and maybe use a head hunter to help me find a better job.

  • blog minimum 4 days a week--going to reduce this to 2 times a week.
  • QT with hubby increase frequency
  • strengthen spiritual life


8 days outta 365 in 2013

Super Mom Super Wife Super Tired Coffee Mug8 days in and back at work. So tired.... Need to get more sleep. I just wanna do a drive by by post....
So here is my update...

Physical Activity increase-I haven't been very active in a few days. My return to work has been interesting. I came home from work on Monday and ended up vomiting and feeling like i was c0ming down with the flu.

Plans Meals-This is going decent. We have eat out a few days but while back on the work grind we are eating at home.

VSG Prep-I am doing better with the water/fluid part.I am also weaning myself off of sweet tea. I am starting by mixing and I am sure that it will get better.

Dejunk house-Haven't done anything towards this today or yesterday. Too tired, but shooting for a weekend recovery. We threw out 7bags of garbage out of the playroom/bonus room and we are no where near done.

Chores-I could do better but I do try to do a little something every day.

Blog-This is a important, but will have to wait till the weekend for me to do long posts or respond to the blogs that  I follow.

QT with hubby- :-) 

Spirituality-Made it to church and it felt great.  Hubby and I are talking about joining a small group bible study. The big question is how do we fit it n our schedule when we are so swamped and tired already.


3 days in to 2013

3 days into 2013 and I am feeling pretty great about where I am in reference to where I wanna be.
I am not attempting to conquer all of my goals at once. I am focusing on a few specfic ones and I will build from there.

I feel like I am trying to improve overall, but not sure if my goals are strong or solid enough. I do however, feel like they need to tracked and I can stand to improve in the areas I chose.

Physical Activity increase-I haven't been very active in several months. I am getting back into the swing of doing physical type things. I am back to wearing my FitBit and I am going to incorporate gym workouts, wii dancing, etc. to get my body moving. I can tell I have let myself go in this areas because even doing just dance wears me out. So this month is kinda a basic and I will see how it goes.

Plans Meals-This is going well. 3 out of 3 days I have eaten the meals from the plan and at home for every meal. I know it doesnt sound like much, but for me  9 out of 9 meals eaten at home according to plan is major. Hubby and I eat out too much and this is an attempt to control/curtail this.

VSG Prep-I do not have a definite surgery date but I am pretty confident that it will take place no later than June. I wish I could have in April but I am not sure if all of the clearances will have gone through. I would like to go back to work as opposed to just being stuck sitting around the house. I am Regardless... I am working throw preparations food and physicality wise.   So for this month the main focus is get back to drinking 64 oz of water, crystal light type stuff. Plus restarting my physical/exercise routine.

Dejunk house-This taske seems almost impossible. I know it isn't but ugh... such a major pain to do. I have been conquering parts of my house over this break and I feel like I am making progress. I have a ways to go, but I will not quit until my house only has what it needs in it. There is no bonus to holding on to stuff that I do not want, need, or use.

Chores-This is a work in progress. I haven't made chart. But I am working at being more proactive. All of the work on fixing up the house is making me inspired to keep it looking nice. Now the trick is getting the older kids to buy in and give crap about how the house looks.

Blog-This is a no-brainer. Feels great to take time and think through where I am, where I am headed, and having support getting there.

QT with hubby- :-) that's all i will say about that.

Spirituality-The plan hear is start with attending church consistently. Next I want to get back to daily devotional reading and build on my prayer life with my family.

So... I also plan to make a 13 in 13 overall page aso I can link up not just the months but also each goal. 

How has 2013 started off for you....?


13 in 13 Intro

Ok.... I know.... I know.... New years resolutions are not usually a good idea, but hey you can't win if you don't play right. I know I did better health wise when I had the support, accountability, and encouragement from my bloggie friends.

That is why I have decided to participate to WeightWars 13 in 13 Yearlong Challenge... Thats right I said it. A yearlong challenge. I know its sounds crazy but heck, I am a bit crazy so why not give it a try, right.

What do you want to achieve? If you could wake up tomorrow and have everything the way you wanted it to be what would it look like? 

What I want most in my life is balance and self confidence in all areas of my life. I have this nagging feeling that I am always falling short and not doing everything to the best of my ability.
In my dream world here are the things that would exist:
  • I'd be at a healthy weight.
  • My house would be junk free and running efficiently.
  • I'd have my specialist degree and a job as a school administrator.
  • I'd feel more connected to my savior.
  • I'd have an outlet that made me feel alive and encouraging to others.
  • My relationships with the vital people in my life would be vibrant and fulfilling.
  • I'd be involved in fun & interesting physical & social activities.
So I have completed my 13 in 13 version 2.0.

Ongoing Goals
  • Vertical Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • Educational Specialist Degree Completion

  • become a "CrossFit" chick
  • increase physical activity and track it
  • plan meals weekly
  • VGS prep (5 parts)

  • dejunk my house
  • create and follow household chore schedule

  • actively pursue career advancement

  • blog minimum 4 days a week
  • QT with hubby increase frequency
  • strengthen spiritual life

make gifs
Become a "Flirty Girl" Fitness Instructor. I have seen commercials for this and I so wanna do this. I love dancing and helping people and Flirty Fitness seems like a great fit.

So that's my story and I am sticking to it. I know this is not everything I want to accomplish in my life but I would feel great if I got these achieved in the next 364 days.

Can I count on your support?
Can I count you in?

What are your thoughts...?

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