8 days outta 365 in 2013

Super Mom Super Wife Super Tired Coffee Mug8 days in and back at work. So tired.... Need to get more sleep. I just wanna do a drive by by post....
So here is my update...

Physical Activity increase-I haven't been very active in a few days. My return to work has been interesting. I came home from work on Monday and ended up vomiting and feeling like i was c0ming down with the flu.

Plans Meals-This is going decent. We have eat out a few days but while back on the work grind we are eating at home.

VSG Prep-I am doing better with the water/fluid part.I am also weaning myself off of sweet tea. I am starting by mixing and I am sure that it will get better.

Dejunk house-Haven't done anything towards this today or yesterday. Too tired, but shooting for a weekend recovery. We threw out 7bags of garbage out of the playroom/bonus room and we are no where near done.

Chores-I could do better but I do try to do a little something every day.

Blog-This is a important, but will have to wait till the weekend for me to do long posts or respond to the blogs that  I follow.

QT with hubby- :-) 

Spirituality-Made it to church and it felt great.  Hubby and I are talking about joining a small group bible study. The big question is how do we fit it n our schedule when we are so swamped and tired already.


  1. You are making headway! Everything is not conquered in one sitting. :-)

  2. I love how you broke down things that are going on and the status of everything on your mind. It's how I function too.

    Good luck with everything!


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