6 weeks post op

I know... I know...  I should update more often. BUt its been super hectic. I went back to work with 2 weeks left in the school year. Talk about a rough 2 weeks. BUt I survived but not without being exhausted and even feeling abit defeated.
 Heck. It's taken me over 2wks to even post this.
I started with my highest weight around 255.
By surgery day I was 242.
Today June 27th I am 218#s. 

I have gotten more serious about my workouts and that helps.  I have even enlisted the help of my 2 oldest kids. 
 And I even get my hubby to hit the gym with me. 
So the surgery was a success.  I am eating less and working out more. The 2 hardest parts are getting in enough water and remembering to take my vitamins. So that's all for now. 


  1. I'm happy to see you're entire family is supporting you. That's SO important! I hope all goes well.


  2. Wow, those are incredible photos. Hope you are feeling good, too.


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