Old Habits

I am 5 months post op VSG. My weight has gone down slowly but surely. I have not been on track as well as I should. I have gotten lazy and I am very frustrated with myself. Unfortunately, my feelings of frustration seems to only come after the fact. I have so much on my plate and balance has been hard to come by.

I am sure I can get my focus back. I think I need a better plan. I start my week strong but seem to end the week....weak. I love my husband and my family.... but I feel like I allow then to hold me back. It sucks having to put my foot down and do what I have to do in terms of food, time, grad school work, eating right...

I am most disappointed in myself for breaking promises to myself. I say I will do something and them I do not keep that self promise. How do I change that....? That is the question that I am working on my head.

Getting my focus and passion back for my improved health and better life is my mission this week.

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  1. Keep your head up! I know the feeling all too well of not keeping promises to yourself! We'll figure this out! :-)


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