Day 20 - Snowed in Atlanta

          Well I am sure a lot of people know/heard about what happened in Atlanta Tuesday. We had a snow emergency that paralyzed metro-Atlanta and surrounding cities. I was one of thousands stuck in countless hours of traffic. I left work at 12:45pm when my school district made the last minute decision to close 2 hours earlier. I had sent my husband to pick up our children. He left his job at 11:15am. My daughter caught a ride and made it home before 6pm. That ride was a godsend because over 400 kids were stranded at her high school unable to get home. My husband arrive home around 9:45pm. He came to get me when I decided to park my car about 4 miles from my home. He walked 2 miles to get me then we walked 2 miles back to his car. When we got to our neighborhood we were unable to get the car up the hill due to black ice.  So we parked the car and walked up the hill. I walked through the doors of home so happy...so relived... so thankful.
         Here are some pics of the day after... the snow day.


Give it 100

Well... Let me try this again. I wrote this post and then I lost it. But I guess I was supposed to rewrite it. So I was struggling to find a meaningful way to approach my weight loss challenges. I did not lose any weight over the holidays, but it was my eating. Then as the new year came I ran across an article on Yahoo about a young woman who committed to 100 workouts in 100 days. It was as if a light went off in my head and heart.

I ran the idea by  my husband and he was super supportive. That was refreshing and frightening because I had no reason to not do it. So I did it. I made my 1st Vlog on youtube and I have been making it work ever since.

There have been challenges and my workouts are not as intense as I would like but that was not the intent of my 100 day challenge. The intent was to workout every day for at least 30 minutes. I am enjoying the challenge and learning about myself in the process.

Day 1 Blog here...

Here is what I have done so far.

  1. Jan.   9 30minTreadmill188.1#s
  2. Jan. 10 30min Eliptical
  3. Jan. 11 60min Just DanceHouse
  4. Jan. 12 30min Just Dance
  5. Jan. 13 30min Treadmill
  6. Jan. 14 30min Recumbent & legs
  7. Jan. 15 35min Cardio & abs
  8. Jan. 16 30min Treadmill
  9. Jan. 17 45min 30 walking plus abs
  10. Jan. 18 30min Wii fit plus 185.6#
  11. Jan. 19 45min Just Dance
  12. Jan. 20 30min Walking (treadmill)
  13. Jan. 21 30min Run/walk C25k w1r1
  14. Jan. 22 30min Just Dance
  15. Jan. 23 30min General Aerobics 
  16. Jan. 24 30min Walk/Run C25k W1R2
  17. Jan. 25 30min Cardio Elliptical and Recumbent bike
  18. Jan. 26 30min Cardio Just Dance
Also here is the link to my youtube channel.

Gotta run. It is almost my bed time and I have to prep for 2morrow.


Back to Work Blahs

Yucky. Yucky. Yuck.
I have been off for 2 weeks, It has been a wonderful time off. So wonderful that I do not want to go back to work. So peaceful that I am super excited about summer break.

Workout with hubby plan days. He is doing the Couch to 5K program. I figured I might as well join him at the gym at least a few days a week. I want/need to start weight training so I can build muscles.

Gym days with hubby: Mon-Wed-Sat.

I am not solid on what exercises I want to do for the rest of the month, but I am leaning toward a total body workout to get me back to the gym and back to weights in a non-threatening manner. I found numerous workouts as I have scanned my fitness mags.

I will workout in the early a.m. on Tue., Thurs., and Friday. I like the Biggest Loser Workout but I may quit them if I do the Shape workout I am thinking about. I ended this break weighing in at 187.6. Which is better than gaining but I haven't really lost much in the last month.

I know why. I need to increase my activity and significantly decrease my carbs. Im just being lazy and it shows. I feel it. I have to be more proactive in finishing what  I started. I would like to get out of the 180's this month. That is a lofty goal but it is totally achievable if I set my mind to it.

SO here's to application and determination.


2014- Let's Do This...

I love the New Year. It always brings new goals, new dreams, new inspiration. It does for me at least. This year is no different. I have great goals for myself. However, before I share my goals for 2014 maybe I should review how I did in 2013.

These were my goals from 2013...
  • Vertical Gastric Sleeve Surgery ( completed April 2013)
  • Educational Specialist Degree Completion (achieved December 2013)
  • become a "CrossFit" chick (Do not achieve)
  • increase physical activity and track it (Did it, but not consistently)
  • plan meals weekly (Do not achieve.)
  • VGS prep (5 parts) (Completed March 2013)
  • dejunk my house (Did some of you it but still have a ways to go.)
  • create and follow household chore schedule(Do not achieve.)
  • actively pursue career advancement (Did it, but not consistently)
  • blog minimum 4 days a week (Do not achieve.)
  • QT with hubby increase frequency(Did it, but not consistently)
  • strengthen spiritual life (Do not achieve.)

          At first glance, it would seem that 2013 was not a successful year goal/resolution wise. However, I fee like with all on my plate it was a great year. of course, it could have been better but I am still grateful and pleased with where I ended in 2013. 
          I weighed 255.8 # on Jan 14, 2013 and this morning I weighed 188. That is a total weight loss so far of over 65#s. That alone makes me smile. So now I have to deal with what i want to achieve in 2014. 
There is some obvious similarity in this list compared to last year's list, but that is OK with me. 

2014 Focus Points
Weight Loss

I will share more about these goals in my next blog post.

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