2014- Let's Do This...

I love the New Year. It always brings new goals, new dreams, new inspiration. It does for me at least. This year is no different. I have great goals for myself. However, before I share my goals for 2014 maybe I should review how I did in 2013.

These were my goals from 2013...
  • Vertical Gastric Sleeve Surgery ( completed April 2013)
  • Educational Specialist Degree Completion (achieved December 2013)
  • become a "CrossFit" chick (Do not achieve)
  • increase physical activity and track it (Did it, but not consistently)
  • plan meals weekly (Do not achieve.)
  • VGS prep (5 parts) (Completed March 2013)
  • dejunk my house (Did some of you it but still have a ways to go.)
  • create and follow household chore schedule(Do not achieve.)
  • actively pursue career advancement (Did it, but not consistently)
  • blog minimum 4 days a week (Do not achieve.)
  • QT with hubby increase frequency(Did it, but not consistently)
  • strengthen spiritual life (Do not achieve.)

          At first glance, it would seem that 2013 was not a successful year goal/resolution wise. However, I fee like with all on my plate it was a great year. of course, it could have been better but I am still grateful and pleased with where I ended in 2013. 
          I weighed 255.8 # on Jan 14, 2013 and this morning I weighed 188. That is a total weight loss so far of over 65#s. That alone makes me smile. So now I have to deal with what i want to achieve in 2014. 
There is some obvious similarity in this list compared to last year's list, but that is OK with me. 

2014 Focus Points
Weight Loss

I will share more about these goals in my next blog post.

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  1. Congrats on what's been achieved! Here's to bumping up those achievments for 2014!!


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