Day 20 - Snowed in Atlanta

          Well I am sure a lot of people know/heard about what happened in Atlanta Tuesday. We had a snow emergency that paralyzed metro-Atlanta and surrounding cities. I was one of thousands stuck in countless hours of traffic. I left work at 12:45pm when my school district made the last minute decision to close 2 hours earlier. I had sent my husband to pick up our children. He left his job at 11:15am. My daughter caught a ride and made it home before 6pm. That ride was a godsend because over 400 kids were stranded at her high school unable to get home. My husband arrive home around 9:45pm. He came to get me when I decided to park my car about 4 miles from my home. He walked 2 miles to get me then we walked 2 miles back to his car. When we got to our neighborhood we were unable to get the car up the hill due to black ice.  So we parked the car and walked up the hill. I walked through the doors of home so happy...so relived... so thankful.
         Here are some pics of the day after... the snow day.

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