I have been doing a great deal of my exercising using  Just Dance as part of my Give it 100 workout plan.
The Wii has served me well and I will continue to use it when I cannot make it to the gym. It also led me realize how much I like dancing. Which led me back to the gym to do Zumba. I had forgotten how invigorating it is. I haven't done it in months and I am glad that I went. I end up doing more than my standard 30 min workout. I also feel like it gives me a better burn. I can't do it every workout, but I definitely want to make it a few days during the week. It is kinda funny because doing the extra taxing cardio makes me sleepier than usual. I am working on listening better to my body.


Snow Jam #2

Another set of snow and ice issues has me locked down in he house. I do not mind it too much. We have enough supplies. I have gotten to spend quality time with the kids. I exercise using the Wii with Just Dance.
I am surprised that I am almost 1/3 of the way through my 100 days of workouts. I only had 1 hiccup and that occurred around day 29. I had terrible stomach pains that had me throwing up and balled up in the fetal position. So I made up for it the next day and did 2 workouts.

Here is my LONG list of what I have done so far with my 100 workouts.

Give it 100
  1. Jan.   9 30minTreadmill188.
  2. Jan. 10 30min Elliptical
  3. Jan. 11 60min Just DanceHouse
  4. Jan. 12 30min Just Dance
  5. Jan. 13 30min Treadmill
  6. Jan. 14 30min Recumbent & legs
  7. Jan. 15 35min Cardio & abs
  8. Jan. 16 30min Treadmill
  9. Jan. 17 45min 30 walking plus abs 
  10. Jan. 18 30min Wii fit plus 185.6#
  11. Jan. 19 45min Just Dance
  12. Jan. 20 30min Walking (treadmill)
  13. Jan. 21 30min Run/walk C25k w1r1
  14. Jan. 22 30min Just Dance
  15. Jan. 23 30min General Aerobics 
  16. Jan. 24 30min Walk/Run C25k W1R2 185.7#
  17. Jan. 25 30min Cardio Elliptical and Recumbent bike
  18. Jan. 26 30min Cardio Just Dance
  19. Jan. 27 30mins. Upright bike
  20. Jan. 28 2mile walk in the snow
  21. Jan. 29 30mins Just Dance 
  22. Jan. 30 30mins. Just Dance 184.5#
  23. Jan. 31. 30mins low impact cardio
  24. Feb.  1 30 mins walking
  25. Feb.  2 30mins. Treadmill
  26. Feb.  3 30in just dance
  27. Feb. 4 35min Treadmill plus  4 lower body
  28. Feb. 5 treadmill
  29. Feb. 6. Dancing
  30. Feb. 7   Sick. 10k steps
  31. Feb. 8. 30min Tennis & 30 min. treadmill 184.3#
  32. Feb. 9  30 mins. Just Dance
  33. Feb. 10 30 min treadmill Gym
  34. Feb. 11 45min. Just dance
  35. Feb. 12 
  36. Feb. 13
  37. Feb. 14

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