I have been doing a great deal of my exercising using  Just Dance as part of my Give it 100 workout plan.
The Wii has served me well and I will continue to use it when I cannot make it to the gym. It also led me realize how much I like dancing. Which led me back to the gym to do Zumba. I had forgotten how invigorating it is. I haven't done it in months and I am glad that I went. I end up doing more than my standard 30 min workout. I also feel like it gives me a better burn. I can't do it every workout, but I definitely want to make it a few days during the week. It is kinda funny because doing the extra taxing cardio makes me sleepier than usual. I am working on listening better to my body.

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  1. It's amazing how a good dose of zumba will make me feel soo much better!


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