Day 1(again)

So I'm getting back on track. I decided to go back to the book I was reading before. It's titled 100 days of weight loss. Each day I read a few pages and it gives me an activity. Today's activity for day one is titled "I used to be that way". 

I found that to be interesting because it makes me think about the same things I keep telling myself over and over. Those wrong things I say about myself need to stop. I need a new recording to go in my head one that shows how strong and smart and capable I am. 

Step one:  List all my fears or negative behaviors that I've hurt my weight loss success
1-I sneak food
2-Eat when I'm not hungry
3-I don't exercise when I know I should
4-I don't keep my commitments to fitness
5-Generally lazy
6- not drink enough water
7-eat too many carbs
8-not take my vitamins regularly
9-trying to do this weight-loss, health thing all by myself

Step two is to say each one out loud and then say I used to be that way but now I'm different. 

Step three is reframing them with new endings

1-I used to sneak food but now I openly eat what I should because now I'm different. 
2-I used to eat when I'm not hungry but now I eat only when I'm hungry because now I'm different. 
3-I used to not exercise when I know I should but now I exercise a minimum of four days a week because now I'm different. 
4-I used to not keep my commitments but now I'm a woman of my word because now I'm different
5-I used to be lazy but now I get things done because now I'm different. 
6-I used to not drink enough water but now I get it at least 64 ounces on schedule because now I'm different. 
7-I used to eat too many carbs but now I limit my carbs because now I'm different. 
8-I used to not take my vitamins regularly now I take them on schedule because now I'm different. 
9-I used to try to do all this weight loss and health stuff all by myself but now I'm open and asking for support because now I'm different. 

A nice way to start the new challenge it was very refreshing. I am different and I need to remember that. 

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