First mess up not the last

I knew that we can was going to be a stumbling block. I'm disappointed that I did not prepare better. But I did learn a few things about myself.
1.  I can do it if I really want to. 
2.  I am more likely to be successful if I plan and keep crap outta my reach. 
3. In terms of my checklist... I think less is more. 
4.  Also the checklist needs to not to speak easy stuff there needs to be some real challenge there. 
5. The biggest key piece I think I'm missing is accountability or support system. My hubby gives me free reign and. Never strikes to hold me accountable. 

So I've decided to make my daily list 10 items or less
100 days read
Carbs under 100
Protein over 60
Steps over 10k
Water 64oz or more
Teeth 2x 

Feedback on my new to do list would be great. 


  1. Is this a list of things you need to do every single day? What happens if you miss something? how do you measure success at the end of the day? I used to make long lists of things to do and then I would "grade" myself daily based on how many I completed. Then I decided to adjust my grading system (Giving less points for easy items and more points for hard) because I found I was always doing the "easy" items and not doing the hard ones. Then I questioned if I was being too hard on myself because my daily grades were terrible. Then I gave up because I felt like a failure everyday (even if I missed just one thing).

    Looking back I realize that my problem was that I spent way too much energy focusing on my list and not enough energy focusing on being healthy. This comment was not meant to discourage you from having a checklist; just offering my experience as something for you to watch out for. Good Luck!
    - FogDogWeightloss.blogspot.com

  2. Thank you so much for the comment. I think you're really right about trying to remember what my focus is. In the chaos that is my life sometimes I forget. I just don't want to be one of those people.... I should've said that I don't want to be the person Who fall short of her goal I hate seeing myself as less then th I want to be at my full potential


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