Magic Notebook

Well I've made it today five and I feel relatively successful. I'm tracking my food I am resisting temptation I am putting stickers on my checklist. For me it's about building routines and being accountable.  Day five and 100 days of weight-loss talked about keeping a magic notebook. I love notebooks all ooffice materials actually. I actually have a collection of notebook. However when pI thought about the term magic notebook I didn't think of my spiral notebooks I thought of my blog. And also thought about my Facebook page big butt theory.  Those are the places I feel I could be the most genuine in the most reflective. 

It was a good feeling to know I'm doing one thing right. The key is to build on the healthy habits and grow. I want to weigh in when I told myself I would only went twice a week so I'm fighting that temptation and waiting until Sunday. I don't want to let the scale be what determines my mood or how I feel and I want to keep the freedom that I've given myself. Haven't been to the physical gym as much as I would like this week I'm hoping to improve that next week. It will be nice to see even a loss of a pound and a half or 2 pounds without consistently going to the gym.  In my mind it would mean if I ripped up my cardio and weight training I could see it even better loss next week. 

Lemar and I've been talking about my surgery and the things I need to do to get ready for that summer trip. My first step is to put a deposit down on a date. I have committed to not doing that until I weigh 175. I haven't stuck in the 180s for so long that 10 pounds really matters to me.  It would also be taking me out of the obese category and put me in the overweight. That's major and I really really want to see that happen before I turn 43 in November. Now that I think about it I'll probably make a blog post that I can update with status just on the prep for the mommy makeover. 

Here's hoping that I am the week as strong as I started. 

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