Protect the program

Day 6 is titled protect the program and with the weekend approaching that's very fitting. Most of my indulgences happen on the weekend because I'm more relaxed and I have greater access to the foods I love to eat. 

Even at work today it was a very tempting environment. One of my coworkers front of the cake for our whole team. I was very proud of myself for having probably what would be one 20th to 1/32 of a slice of a piece a cake.  I don't agree with the chapter when it talks about not telling people i'm the kind of person I like to be accountable and if everyone knows I'm trying to be healthier and they're less likely to try to tempt me. 

 That's why do this blog and posted on my Facebook pages so I have more accountability. But everyone is different and has to do it works for them. Speaking of which I'm very tempted to weigh myself in the morning.  It'll be nice to know that what I'm doing is working maybe just going every two days and That would help with the desire that I have to keep checking the scale. 

The book says list three challenging times. 
1-The weekends
2-if I'm up too late at night
3-if I go to work without my snacks prepared

Gotta run falling asleep. 

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  1. I just found your blog. It looks like you just restarted recently. Good for you! I just restarted myself 6 weeks ago. I'm adding you to my blogroll, I hope you will consider adding me to yours.
    PS - In the evening... that is my most challenging time


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