2014 Review Reflect Reassess

Here is what I focused for myself for 2014.

Budget--Got some bills paid off but added others. Definitely see hubby and I saving more in 2015 just as we did in 2014. Working togther and setting goals is the key to success in this area.
Chore--This is a moving target. In the past I tried to get more systematic and rigid and that does not work well for me. I need to stay focused and be realistic for myself and my life when it comes to chores and how my house looks.
Employment--Definite area of success. I love my new work location, grade level, and co-workers. Happiest I have been in a very, very long time.
Household--see chores. LOL.
Relationships-- Another moving target. This area fluctuates and I look forward to continuing to grow in my ability to effectively, and appropriate respond to the people in my life. 
Weight Loss--12/31/2013 weight 188# Body fat: 40.7% 12/29/2014 weight 182# Body fat: 39% 76.5
See for yourself...#winning 

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