I finally got under 180. This is an amazing 1st. I have to stay the course to not go over 180 again. I struggle with consistency and this new weight 'zone' is a test. I have to stay the course. Low carb. High protein. Lotsa water. and Physical activity everyday.

I am being for cognizant of my thoughts and my diet. I made a wall size poster to hold me accountable for 2015. I give myself a sticker if I workout for at least 30 mins or log 10,000 steps.

I know I can get to 10,000 steps a day. I am concerned about making sure that I workout at a higher intensity. That could be my downfall if I am not careful.

So that is all for now. I have worked out every day this week starting Monday. So now the trick is upping the ante and make a real workable exercise plan. I have also avoided eating out for 2 days in a row and that for me is a major feat. 

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