I have been fighting a cold all week. Headaches. Body aches. Sore throat. The works. and I am pretty sure that it had to do with the fact that we ripped and ran all last weekend. I hope this weekend it is a lot less of it all. No major plans except for Angel cheering on Saturday then movies and a bunch of candy Saturday night. Hoping to go to church on Sunday and maybe to the gym as well. But right now I just feel exhausted. 

I feel also kind of overwhelmed and under inspired at work and I'm dealing with that. So I've had a lot of time lately or I should say I've spent a lot of time lately really thinking about what I want to do the second half of my life and I just don't have any clear-cut answers yet and that is a bit unnerving. 

I know I get a lot of joy out of helping people and I want to work in some capacity where I feel useful and helpful and appreciated for the work that I do. I really need to be proactive and open-minded see if any opportunities can come my way because that would be such a blessing.

The scale isn't moving but I haven't been eating great or working out much as I'm sick. I can't wait to feel better. 

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