Change is hard. I want to be a real athlete. I want to be faster, stronger, fitter, and overall better physically. It takes such a shift.. mentally--physically-- and emotionally. The hardest part is the mental and the emotional. I fight this battle to do what is right and do what is best. The lazy ...eat whatever and do whatever attitude is easier..yet painful. Painful when you know you could've done more or been better. I am putting stop gaps in place to give myself a better chance at success.

Only time will tell if I will ever be satisfied or at least content with where I am headed and even , more importantly where I am at.

Until then I will keep moving forward toward the direction of my goals.. even if I occasionally revert to old habits... I will  ot quit on myself

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  1. Change is very hard. But you nailed it on the head....you know it is difficult but you will NOT quit!!!!


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