Ebb and Flow

The newness of the new year has passed. It is back to life and all of the fun and hecticness it
brings. I have been in my feelings and spending a lot of time going thru th emotions. Doing some stuff but not everything I need to do to get to where I want to get. It is hard to get where I want to be... IT is harder living with regret.

So i faced the fact that I can do more and I need to do more even if I would rather be lazy. I am worth it. And even if I do not get the exact results that I want... I will be better overall than if I had done nothing at all.

So here goes .... me posting my goals for the week. My plan and Lord willing I will follow up with the  success that follow.

I will:

  • Exercise at least 5 of the 7 days this week.
  • Eat dinner at home all weekdays 
  • Wash my face am/pm 7 days
  • Brush/floss am/pm 7 days
  • Log all my food in MFP 7 days
  • Protein over 100 grams 7 days
  • Carbs under 125 grams 7 days
  • Drink at least 64 oz water 7 days
  • Read 3 days this week
  • Blog twice
  • Tidy house 4 days
  • QT with hubby at least 2 days
  • Bedtime before 11pm 3 days 
I know its a lot but these things matter to me. They show me as a balanced person who has her priorities in order. I am going to live on purpose and without excuses.

So if you are my friend... ask me about my goals and my daily to do list. Support me...encourage me.... come along side me ...heck you may even have to push me at times. Please and thank you for being and keeping it 100 with me.

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  1. I love your goals! I can't wait to watch you have success!!!


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