Goodbye Winter

I am so glad that winter is over.... I do not like the cold. I am so happy to be able to go outside and feel the warmth of the sun on my face. It also gives me the freedom to do more physical activities with family and friends.

Speaking of physical activities i have been back to 'running' in OCRs aka Obstacle Cours Races. I have several coming up and I have completed 2 so far in 2016. I also have a few 5ks thrown in for good measure.

Here is what I am registered for so far...

9   Savage Race Spring ~10am start time
16 Glow it Blue 1k/5k 8:30pm
23 Dirty Girl Mud 10am start time

21 Paint Wars 

11 Terrain Race. 10am 10k

6 Udder Mud Run http://www.uddermudrun.com/  Covington, GA 
20 Rugged Maniac 10:30 wave. Timed

Here are the Facebook links to the ones I have completed this far.

01/24 Hot Chocolate 15k. 2:25
02/28 Atlanta Mission 5k 58minutes
03/06 Spartan Sprint 3:15 6 miles
03/13 5k in Paradise  6 miles about 55min

03/19 Muddy Brute in Tallapoosa, GA

I am working on making 2016 a great year as every year I am alive is truly a blessing and I want to know that I have made good use of my time on this earth.  Life is too short to settle for less than wha you really want. I plan to blog more and share whats goin' on with me. I welcome comments and feedback.

take care and God bless.

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  1. Thank you for that reminder....the one little line "Life is too short to settle...." That hit me on the forehead!! Thanks!


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